Three Things We Learned After Game 1 Of ALDS

The Detroit Tigers got off to a 3-0 lead in the first inning off of Oakland ace Bartolo Colon in last night’s game one of the ALDS. It would prove to be all of the offense that the Tigers would get and would need as Max Scherzer was in typical Scherzer form by striking out 11 and giving up only two runs. After the game, I began to think about a few things that we could take away from what we saw:

Offense will need to be a complete team effort

There were many times this season where the Tigers were able to lean on one or two players to provide all of the offense that they would need to win a game. Most notably is Miguel Cabrera. Though Cabrera was able to get an RBI single in the first, he failed to reach base at all after that single and we are not seeing any of the power we are accustomed to with Miggy. The entire team is going to need to chip in offensively, especially Prince Fielder and Victor Martinez if the Tigers are going to continue to win in this series and future series. Still don’t be surprised if Cabrera does get some extra base power because after all, he is the best hitter on the planet and is still better than most players even when he is playing no where near 100%.

Starting pitching will be key for the Tigers

Max Scherzer showed everyone last night what dominating pitching can do in the playoffs. He was able to out duel the opposing team’s ace and the three runs that he was given in the first had to of looked like 10 to Oakland knowing who they were going against. The trouble for Oakland and other teams is that after you get done facing Scherzer, you have to face former Cy Young Winner and MVP Justin Verlander followed by Anibal Sanchez who is sure to get some Cy Young votes this season. Throw Doug Fister at the end of that rotation, and you have a starting four that is capable of carrying a team to a World Series title especially with the shaky bullpen that the Tigers have.

Detroit Tigers prospect compared to Miguel Cabrera

We might all have a heart attack by the time the World Series ends

If you weren’t stressing to the max during the 7th-9th innings last night then you truly have no soul. The worst part about that… was only the first game of the playoffs. This might be the most stressful series for the Tigers because Oakland matches up very well with Detroit and even when Oakland is down by a few runs, they always believe that they will come back. Hold on Tigers fans because this is going to be a crazy fun post season ride!


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37 thoughts on “Three Things We Learned After Game 1 Of ALDS”

  1. I have to disagree about being stressed late in the game though. Yeah, Moss can easily hit one out of there and Cespedes did burn us, but Benoit is just way too reliable of a closer to let that happen that easily. GO TIGERS!!!

  2. I learned that TBS announcers are ABSOLUTELY biased and idiots. The most BORING monotone voices I have ever heard, and I swear they are trying to ruin the experience of Post Season for my Tigers and all they have worked for.

  3. Tbs announcers are terrible…apparently if the ball beats you to the base you are automatically out even if you touch the bag first

  4. They do, its on the top of the crappy K-zone they have up at all tiimes even though it looks like the most innacurate stirkezone ever

  5. Dirks sucks. V-mart is slow. Tori had a dedede moment. Hitters need to add more runs. That good enough lol :p

  6. Fundamentals – fielding pitching hitting catching offense and has to be all together…practice a poem: see the ball hit the ball hit the ball over the wall…see the base steal. the base run run run race race race
    now lets go tigers!

  7. …i had my radio on 75% of the time, i couldn’t stand them for 60 seconds…they should really get Rod and/or Mario to join in too during playoffs.

  8. The real reason they have kept Johnny is if miggy becomes unable to play due to his injury she would then start at 3 rd

  9. Dirks had much better numbers against Colon than Peralta and Leyland’s led this team to three straight playoff appearances for the first time in over 100 years so he must be doing something right

  10. Has you seen Avila’s batting average since the ASG or our record with him in the lineup vs when we have other catchers in there? Avila stays right where he is for now

  11. My heart was racing at the end. Specially the way our lineup swung the bat in the top of the 9th. That was horrible.

  12. just saying….. there are BETTER catchers out there. but fer now yes, we are stuck with him- at least his bat has awoken

  13. He batted .303 this season and plays great defense. Peralta isn’t starting at short unless Jose gets injured

  14. Leland is smart he’s gonna use peralta pinch hitting situations and he’s there incase miggy goes out which you guys don’t relise how close he is to being out for the season

  15. .193 batting average since September 1st. I guess this shuts you people up. He’s a liability at the plate and his fielding average is worse than Peralta’s. No power, can’t drive the ball.

  16. Quit believing all the hype from Rod and Mario. If he was that good, Boston would not have dumped him. He can’t it, he’s made 2 good plays defensively and he’s botched other plays for mental errors for not getting the cut off throw right

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