Throwback Dunk Battle: LeBron James vs. Jason Maxiell

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Exactly two players remain from the last postseason meeting between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons. And even then, their tenure is based upon a technicality, as both holdovers, LeBron James and Mo Williams, actually left Cleveland for a handful of years before their collective return (with Williams once again following James back into town).

Game 1 on Sunday (3:00, ABC) marks the continuation of a modern playoff rivalry that initially kicked off in 2006 and carried on for three series before the Pistons waded into the post-Chauncy abyss.

As a means of getting ourselves primed for this afternoon’s Pistons-Cavs showdown, here’s a look back at one of our favorite moments, from the 2007 Eastern Conference  Finals, featuring James and long-time dunk machine Jason Maxiell (well before his loony international antics).

For what it’s worth, Maxiell edged James four dunks to two in less than a quarter’s worth of work. Bonus: Maxiell’s 15 points, six rebounds, and two blocks propelled the Pistons to a 79-76 Game 2 victory.

Unfortunately, this contest also doubled as Detroit’s last win of the year (yes, this was the series with THAT performance from James).

Time to make some new memories.