Tier Ranking AI-Generated AFC Team Images 2022

Take a look for yourself and tell us which of these AI-generated AFC images you think deserve the S tier.

This time, we'll be tier-ranking AI-generated AFC images. We have already done the NFC AI-generated list, but there are ones that look fantastic and others that look dreadful. In the NFC, Green Bay had BY FAR the worst generated image whereas the Buccaneers & Giants had the best. Take a look for yourself and tell us which of these AI-generated AFC images you think deserve the S tier.

Tier Ranking AI-Generated Images for AFC North

Tier Ranking AI-Generated AFC Team Images
Big Birdie

We start out with a banger from Baltimore. The raven is very creepy as is the rest of the canvas with dark shading that evokes Edgar Allen Poe. Close up, this image aged better than when I first reacted to it on @realdetroitsportsnation on TikTok. For that, I'll give this an A Tier.

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Steel everywhere.

What the hell is going on with my man's face? Either way, this definitely has the steel mill vibe down pat. Sadly, I think that there is a lot more than can be done for such a storied franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers. This image, with the bug eye goggles, gets a C tier.

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Derpasaurus Rex

What a derpy-looking fella we have here. The face is even sadder than Jeff Okudah slamming into his own teammates. The grass and stripe render is very good, but that ridiculous face keeps Cincinnati at a C tier.

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What a good mans

We have the best boy here, amongst piles of… orange balls? It would've been hilarious to see Brownie the Elf instead for this AI project, but I still love the dog here. It's a B tier as not much is super special about it, but my biases toward good pups are enough to put it above its AFC North peers.

AFC East

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Zen dolphins in the deep

This dolphin is a vibe for sure, with his laidback posture and eyes. What bothers me about this image is the lack of color; it's the Miami Dolphins for Christ's sake! Get some pizzaz, some color, not just grimy gloomy pools of water with vibin' dolphins in it. C tier.

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I'm confused.

I really, really, really don't understand why the New England Patriots generated picture has made this man's skin so dark. There is nothing in the annals of Patriot lore that would evoke this in the same way the Chiefs would I don't intrinsically have an issue with a patriot who is native to the continent, it just doesn't fit with the branding of the Patriots. And for that, I have this in the meager C tier.

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Ride in to the DANGER ZONE

F#$* yes! The J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets pulled off our first truly spectacular image of the AFC. Especially off the tailwinds of Top Gun Maverick, this picture is perfect for a team having a bit of a resurgence as of late. The speed, the fury, it's all there in a combination that screams JETS! This is an S tier for sure.

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Three horned fluffy buddy

He's cute, can't lie there. However, what is with the third horn and the dour demeanor? It seems this AI system is dedicated to making all animal mascots look depressing in any way they can. This fat man gets a C tier.

AFC West

Tier ranking,AI-Generated,AFC,images

Well, my Witcher series fans will understand this reference, but that Raider looks like he's from Nilfgaard. It's domineering with dark shades and a fantastic helm. The Las Vegas Raiders get an A tier.

Tier ranking,AI-Generated,AFC,images
Zeus, chill.

I can hear the cracking thunder just by staring at this mountaintop. What better way to elicit the electric energy of Charger football better than this? LT would be proud, S tier.

Tier ranking,AI-Generated,AFC,images

What a cool way to meld the colors of the Denver Broncos. Those in Mile High should be proud of this image of their trusty stead. The shades of orange with blue accents on the horse are strong. Denver receives an A tier.

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On the plains

While I disagree with the Kansas City Chiefs not reconciling their appropriation of Native American iconography and chants, I do like this. The picture is more of a serious homage, with the forlorn sky grey over the plains that our main subject overlooks. I'll give this an A tier, although the Chiefs don't deserve it.

AFC South

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Who chose this profile?

That is one large backside to that horse. The AI decided to take this image from the worst possible angle, especially considering the Colt is quite well done. The white hair looking over a wide plain with dark blue skies is interesting. However, taking an image of a horse's ass drops this down to a B tier.

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That's not a Jaguar.

Alright, we may have a winner for the worst possible animal render. This comes at the expense of Duvall County, but come on, that is not a Jaguar. The face is weird and deformed, the hands look like mitts more than paws. F Tier, this is awful.

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F#$* YES!!!!

This is so damn metal, I can barely stand it. The Tennessee Titans are the absolute winners of this contest, top of the S Tier. Our main subject's scale is in the open sea, with the gigantic weapons standing over a covered moon. For whatever reason, this picture makes me think of Master of Puppets. Just perfection.

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A true Texan

I really like this mascot for the Houston Texans. There is a bit of alienness from it, but the rendered horns and facial features are spot on. There was a great deal of detail that works in favor of Houston here that fails elsewhere. I'll give this an S Tier rank to end our AI-generated tier list.

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