Tiger Woods gives Tampon to Justin Thomas after outdriving him [Video]

Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas, two renowned professional golfers, competed against each other on the first day of the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles on Thursday. Woods demonstrated he still has some gas left in the tank as he outdrove Thomas on the ninth hole, hitting the ball 323 yards down the fairway. As they walked towards their balls, Woods pranked Thomas by passing him a tampon, which made the two laugh and share a side hug with each other. The comradery and good-natured ribbing between the two golfers are notable and demonstrate the fun side of the sport.

Key points:

  • Tiger Woods outdrove Justin Thomas on the ninth hole of the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles
  • As a prank, Woods passed Thomas a tampon, making the two golfers share a laugh and a hug
  • Woods and Thomas are good friends who have a history of trash-talking each other on the golf course
  • Both golfers played again on Friday morning in Round 2 of the Genesis Invitational  

The Big Picture: Woods and Thomas' Comradery on the Golf Course  

The comradery and fun-loving spirit demonstrated by Woods and Thomas on the golf course are significant. Golf is often thought of as a serious and stoic sport, but these two professionals show that there is room for humor and lightheartedness as well. The ability to joke around and share a laugh with an opponent can help alleviate the pressure and tension of high-stakes competition, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.    

The Bottom Line – Woods and Thomas Show the Fun Side of Golf

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Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas' prank and laugh during the Genesis Invitational demonstrate that golf is not just a serious and stoic sport, but it can also be fun and lighthearted. Their comradery on the course is refreshing and helps to show that good-natured ribbing can help alleviate the pressure and tension of high-stakes competition. This type of interaction can also make the game more enjoyable for fans and players alike.

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