Tigers Cabrera Declines Playoff Bonus; “I just want the ring”

We live in an age of multi-million dollar contracts, ridiculous signing bonuses and incentives. So when Tigers 1B Miguel Cabrera declined to accept the playoff bonus that he is due, people responded mostly in one way. “Wait….WHAT?!?”

It’s refreshing to hear that an athlete is more concerned with the jewelry on his fingers, and championship flags in the outfield than the amount of zero’s on his next paycheck. (Ahem, Max Scherzer…)

It won’t be known how much money Cabrera turned down until the Tigers are either eliminated from the playoffs or popping champagne while parading down Woodward Ave. Last year’s Red Sox championship team took home over $300,000 in playoff bonuses.

According to a USA Today piece published on Wednesday, Max Scherzer was trotting around the clubhouse with a clipboard with sheets of paper that players must sign in order to receive their playoff bonuses. “I’m not signing anything”, Cabrera said. Scherzer, and teammate Victor Martinez, who had just signed it, looked puzzled, but Miggy was very adamant about not signing the sheet. Speaking in Spanish, V-Mart and Miggy continued their conversation with Cabrera ultimately saying, “I just want the ring”.

If that’s not the attitude of a champion, I don’t know what is. Kudos to you, Miggy. Now, in the words of the late great hockey coach Herb Brooks… “Now go out there and take it”.


Featured photo via Alyssa Blayney, DSN

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