Tigers get Miguel Cabrera Special Treadmill to Aid Recovery

The Tigers have finally found Miguel Cabrera a special gravity defying treadmill to complete his final stages of recovery from ankle surgery.  However for good or bad the treadmill was found at the NFL combine.  Cabrera and the Tigers will have to wait until next week when it can be shipped from the combine in Indianapolis before they can start using it.  Before NASA designed the AlterG gravity defying treadmill, players used to recovery by running through in water.  The new design is supposed to simulate a weightless environment, allowing athletic trainers to determine the amount of weight that is put on a leg, or in this case an ankle.

Cabrera is very excited and wants to get back to playing, but Dombrowski knows this is a long season and having a healthy Cabrera for the entire year is better than having a 50% Cabrera to start the season.

“That’s Miguel Cabrera,” Dombrowski said. “He wants to play. And I told him, ‘We want you to play, too.’ But we want to make sure that you’re not doing anything where you’re saying, ‘I’ve got to be in the lineup Opening Day. Let’s let this thing take care of itself.”‘

It’s great news to see that Miggy is ready to get to work, but we need him healthy for the entire season.  Dombrowski and all Tigers fans know that without Miggy the offense changes drastically.  Hopefully everyone in the organization will stay the path of not letting him play until he is 100%.  Even if that is two weeks after the season starts.