Tigers GM Al Avila describes how team evaluates potential draftees

The Detroit Tigers have selected the 1st, 5th and 1st overall Draft Picks the past three annual MLB Drafts, and they’ll once again be holding a top selection when it comes their turn over the weekend.

GM Al Avila joined Bally Sports Detroit’s Matt Shepard along with Director of Amateur Scouting Scott Pleis to discuss how the team moves forward in evaluating players that could potentially become part of the ongoing rebuild prior to today’s game against the Twins.

“Obviously, we always try to focus on the best talent available,” Avila said. “But it. does allow us to address several areas of the organization. Pitching, position players obviously, but we’re always looking at the highest talent available. We have our player development people in the room to guide us in what our needs are.”

So what is it that the organization looks for in the potential next Tigers players?

“One of the most important things for us is the tools of the player,” Avila explained. “The arm strength, the speed, the power….those are all very important for us, and that’s the first thing we look at. Then we go into the makeup part of it, to make the player has smarts, that he’s an intelligent player. That he’s going to put for the effort, that he has the heart and intestinal fortitude to overcome adversity,. There’s a lot of intangibles that come together that make the reason why a player gets to the Big Leagues and becomes a great player.”

The full interview can be watched below: