Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus Joins the Twitter Universe

Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus has officially gone back to the future as he has created his own Twitter account. The second year manager figured it was time, though he does not sound to excited about it.

“Twenty-first century, I’ve got to move on. I can’t get stuck in the stone age,” Ausmus said.

He also knows that social media is just part of the world that we live in now and he figures if you can’t beat them, join them.

“Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what I think,” Ausmus said. “It’s here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. If I went into the clubhouse and asked how many guys have a Twitter account, I would say it would be nearly 100 percent would put their hands in the air saying they did. It’s part of the world we live in.”

Ausmus’ Twitter handle is @BradAusmus07 so feel free to follow him, though don’t expect to see very many tweets from the manager.

“I won’t have a ghost writer. Anything on there will be mine. That’s why I’m saying it probably won’t be a lot,” said Ausmus

Also feel free to comment on his tweets or to tweet the coach, but don’t expect him to see them or to respond, ever.

“Oh, I’m not going to read it. I promise you I’m not going to read anything that’s said,” Ausmus said.

As of now, he is sticking to his word and has only sent one tweet. Here it is.

Though he does not seem to be overly excited about being part of the Twitter universe, Ausmus definitely has a sense of humor about it. In fact, he even plans on starting a Twitter war with a famous celebrity.

“I’ll probably have a Twitter rant sometime, maybe get in a Twitter feud with Taylor Swift. Break the internet eventually, I’m sure,” said Ausmus.

When pitcher Justin Verlander was asked about his manager being on Twitter he cracked a joke, as usual.

“Probably 5,000 of his followers are women. They like Brad,” Verlander said.

Who knows, maybe Ausmus will really take to the Twitter game and tweet on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon. As far as getting into Twitter wars, there is no way that will ever happen, the Tigers manager is way too smart for that. Let’s just hope that he focuses on winning a fifth consecutive American League Central title, and leaves Twitter for the fans.

(Photo Via: Andre J. Jackson/Detroit Free Press)

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