Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire has clear message for Joe Kelly, Los Angeles Dodgers

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As soon as we found out that the Houston Astros players would not be punished for their involvement in a sign-stealing scandal, we knew it would just be a matter of time before opposing pitchers would take things into their own hands.

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That is exactly what happened on Tuesday night when Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly decided to throw at a couple of Astros batters, including throwing at the head of Carlos Correa and then making a disturbing face and saying some choice words as he walked off the field, prompting the benches and bullpens to clear in what was an “epic” COVID-style brawl. (In other words, there was no brawl at all)

When asked about the incident, Detroit Tigers‘ manager Ron Gardenhire had a very clear message for Kelly and the Dodgers.

“It’s crazy,” Gardenhire told the Jamie and Stoney Show. “That’s out of hand, just let it go. It’s over with, it’s past, we have to move forward. We got enough going on in this world with what we’re dealing with right now and trying to play this baseball season.

“That stuff, it’s not going to bring it back, it’s never going to change what happened. They paid for it, the manager paid for it and you just have to move forward. All that stuff, staying with it, ‘You did this, you did that,’ it doesn’t matter. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened in baseball that wasn’t good and you just move on, and that’s what I think should happen. That’s silly stuff.” 

Kelly has been suspended for 8 games for his actions, which is a pretty steep suspension for a relief pitcher in a 60-game season.

Nation, do you agree with Ron Gardenhire? Is it time to move on or would you like to see opposing pitchers continue to throw at Astros hitters?

Personally, I tend to agree with Gardenhire that it is time to move on. But if that is not what happens, my hope is that pitchers are a little wiser than Kelly and don’t throw at opposing heads.

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