Tigers need a win at home to avoid setting embarrassing record

The Detroit Tigers lose (what else is new) their 109th game of the season on Saturday against the division rival Chicago White Sox.

They have five games remaining at Comerica Park, and they must win at least one of them to avoid setting an embarrassing record. They’d be the first AL team in the modern era to lose 60 home games.

The White Sox had 19 hits, including 11 against pitcher Jordan Zimmermann.

“It was not good out there,” Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire said.

Has the constant losing and being now 50 games outside of first place taken a toll on the players? Gardenhire didn’t sugarcoat his answer, simply replaying “Yes”.

“There’s no substitute for winning,” Gardenhire said. “There’s no substitute for winning, ever, so this has been really tough. It’s a hard row. We’re grinding it out to finish the season and nobody wants to go through anything like this and all I know is, as long as they’re out there giving the effort, you have to live with it.

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