Tigers on pace to lose 107 games in 2019

Every Detroit Tigers fan knows that this year’s version of the team is bad, but will this team challenge the 2003 squad for the worst in team history?

Thankfully, things aren’t quite that bleak.

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Right now, the team is on pace to finish 55-107 finish, which would be thethird-worst mark in team history. Their current winning percentage sits at 34.15%.

The 2003 edition of the Tigers lost 119 games and avoided tying the 1962 New York Mets for most losses in modern major league history by winning five of their final six games on the schedule.

In order to hit the futility of that team, this year’s Tigers would have to finish 15-65. They’ll have to finish 36-44 to mark the third straight year of losing 98 games.

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