Tigers Reportedly Listening to Offers for Austin Jackson; Coke Signs

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DETROIT, Michigan —

One day after the Detroit Tigers pulled the trigger on the biggest trade so far this MLB off-season, reports are surfacing that they may not be far from trading another large part of their lineup. Bob Nightengale from USA Today is reporting that the Tigers are listening to offers for CF Austin Jackson.

Jackson, 26, has been the Tigers lead-off hitter for the better part of his time in Detroit. Jackson hit .272 with 12 home runs and 49 RBI last season, but he struggled in the playoffs and hasn’t panned into the hitter the Tigers had hoped for. He spent last winter working on his speed, but even that hasn’t been on display in recent years.

If the Tigers choose to trade Jackson, they could acquire a top free agent to replace him. Names such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin Soo Choo have been floated out there by media outlets. Even ex-Tiger Curtis Granderson has been mentioned in some reports.

A trade isn’t in the works, but the Tigers are listening.

Also, it was confirmed this morning that the Tigers have signed relief pitcher Phil Coke to a $1.9 million dollar non-guaranteed deal. The non-guaranteed part means the Tigers could let him go in Spring Training and only may him a fraction of the deal. The contract is for 1 year.

The Tigers have already been one of the most active teams so far this off-season. And they’re far from done. Stay tuned.


60 thoughts on “Tigers Reportedly Listening to Offers for Austin Jackson; Coke Signs”

  1. Jackson’s bat sucks but he makes some amazing plays in center. Going to take a lot to convince me to trade him.

  2. I like A Jax; he’s still a young player, and when he moved down he contributed. Unlike Prince, he actually cared and he seems to always want to improve. As much as I like the new Manager, I wish we got the Yankees Hitting Coach, so perhaps he could work with A Jax, the way he worked with Granderson.

  3. The only way I will be good with trading Jackson is if we resign Granderson and that’s not going to happen so Jackson better stay put.

  4. Carlos Beltran in LF, Cabrera at 1st, Nick C. At 3rd, Nathan the closer and a few more relievers, maybe another trade or two.

  5. I agree with you that Jackson has made some amazing plays in Center. But for as many amazing plays he has made he lets way to many balls drop in front of him. Get your uniform dirty Jackson!!!

  6. Why does Ellsbury think he’s worth 100 million? Just have a bad feeling about Ellsbury. I think he’s good…..but not worth that much hype. @Jake……great point.

  7. Keep the strikeout machine in center. Kinsler can bat lead off. Go get Beltran for left, get Nathan, put Castenellos at third, maybe move Porcello for a lefty pen arm & a prospect. I’d be cool with that

  8. If we get choo that would be koo.. Ellsbury is overrated, great player but 100 million, we sign him the wings will suck for 10 more years

  9. Sean Nicols c’mon fella, choo sucks & ellsburys overated? If just being an all round stud & win championships is overrated, well I’ll take it fella Lol

  10. That would make no sense, Jackson is young and cheap, plays excellent center field in a park that absolutely needs that and hits (despite what happened in 8 games in the post season) his bat doesn’t “suck”

  11. I hope he stays here, one of the best defensive players in the A.L on a team that NEEDS defense.

  12. I guess if we are starting to DUMP everyone this must mean that our trips to the POST SEASON are DONE for good.. Just keep things as the are!!

  13. how about we just fire everyone, no more Detroit tigers and all the Tiger fans can have one last final game before the team and stadium is gone forever

  14. Jackson is the best center fielder in baseball. So, it makes sense to trade him but oh yah, lets keep COKE?

  15. Word on the street is that Dombrowski has offered Jackson and Scherzer to NY for Granderson and $30 million that he lost making a bad gamble, er, I mean trade.

  16. Glad to see so many fellow Ajax lovers. Outstanding individual, superior centerfielder, and a guy who has shown he CAN hit. May not be our leadoff guy, but DEFINITELY a Tiger. Please don’t trade him!

  17. I don’t understand why everyone would be so excited to get Ellsbury when he has been injured in 3 of the last 4 season missing significant time. Jackson has proven that he is one of the best defensive CF’s in the game and he has learned to hit over the last couple of years. I would not like to see the Tigers take the risk on an injury prone Ellsbury.

  18. Think if we keep AJ he needs to bat down in the order…Ellsbury would be a BIG acqusition for the Tigers!! AJ just cannot hit the ball…period!! We need a good leadoff hitter and Ellsbury or Kinsler would do a whole lot better than Mr.” WORLD CLASS SPEED” as Rod would say!!!

  19. @Brian Sides Great defense but NO BAT!! His numbers are on the decline, and at his young age he might set the all-time record for SO’s before he gets 8 years in the league! If he could use his speed on the basepaths as he does in centerfield he could steal 30-40 bases a year…but that is not the case!!

  20. Jackson will hit 15-20 HR and bat 275 for the next several years. This idea that he has no bat is just wrong. He strikes out a lot, but an out’s an out. We have a new leadoff hitter in place, so that’s not an issue. Move Ajax to the 5 spot and let him swing away.

  21. Here’s the plan- dump Fielder, Trade Fister, Dump Jackson, Sign Coke, Sign Kelley, and win 50 games in 2014 so Scherzer goes 12-12 so they don’t have to cough up big money when his contract comes due next year. Thank you. Has Randy Smith era rebuilding all over the place…

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