Tigers Send Prince Fielder to Texas; Acquire 2B Ian Kinsler

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DETROIT, Michigan —

Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers are no strangers to off-season trades, and we Tigers fans have come to expect some fireworks in the winter months. But what the Tigers did on Wednesday evening caught everyone off guard.

The Detroit Tigers sent all-star slugger Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers in exchange for 2B Ian Kinsler and cash considerations. The trade was first reported by CBSSports.com.

Detroit will eat about $30 million of Fielders contract as part of the deal.

Before people freak out and point out how hard it will be to replace 100 RBIs in the lineup, understand that you’re right. But this move was about more than just player performance on the field. Surely that added to it, but the comments Fielder made following the Tigers Game 6 loss to the Red Sox didn’t sit well with the organization. Add his ridiculously overpaid 9-year contract and his lack of performance in the playoffs, and you have a problem that needed to be solved. Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski knew that getting someone to bite on Fielder’s contract would be tough, but once again the man in the striped polo came through.

Detroit’s upcoming salary issues are the main reason why watching Prince go will be much easier to swallow. In the next couple seasons, players like Max Scherzer, Miguel Cabrera, and Victor Martinez will all become free agents. All will demand some kind of pay raise, or something close to what they’re earning now. Mike Ilitch has deep pockets, but c’mon people, let’s be realistic here.

In Ian Kinsler, the Tigers are getting a former all-star second baseman who is much better on the basepaths and is an average hitter. He’s under contract through the 2017 season with a club option for 2018. Kinsler will battle Austin Jackson for the lead off spot in the Tigers order. With the money Detroit is saving on Prince Fielder, they now have a more realistic shot and signing Cy Young winner Max Scherzer to a contract extension, as well as making sure Miguel Cabrera is a Detroit Tiger for the remainder of his career.

How will this trade change the Tigers lineup?

Well, obviously when you trade your cleanup hitter from the past 2 seasons, it’s going to shake things up a bit.

It’s hard to think of a player that will be more impacted by this trade than Miguel Cabrera. From a fielding and batting standpoint, his game will change. There has been talk of putting Miggy back at 1st base and inserting rookie Nick Castellanos at 3rd. Cabrera’s body has been through hell and back fielding balls at 3rd, and maybe putting him back at 1st will prolong his career. Meanwhile at the plate, Cabrera has had the luxury of batting in front of Fielder the past 2 seasons. Without Prince, look for Cabrera’s intentional walks to sky rocket. All decisions will ultimately be up to new Manager Brad Ausmus, but feel free to speculate.

The Tigers lineup will take a pretty big hit offensively, with the loss of Fielder a well as infielders Jhonny Peralta and Omar Infante. However, Dave D and company may not be done. Look for the Tigers to be in the mix to add another bat, and obviously make a move to bolster their weak bullpen.

All in all, it’s a great trade for the Tigers. They clear some much needed salary off the books, and look poised to keep their upcoming free agents in the Motor City for years to come. Welcome to Detroit, Ian Kinsler!

As always, Go Tigers!!


110 thoughts on “Tigers Send Prince Fielder to Texas; Acquire 2B Ian Kinsler”

  1. I liked Prince, but he just never showed up in the post season. Also, the defense should improve by moving Cabrera back to first and I would like to see Peralta at 3rd. base as a possibility.

  2. Prince actually protected Miggy more than people realize. Miggy’s 2 best seasons were the last 2 in which Fielder was batting clean up. Coincidence? No. However, This helps shore up our defense & frees up a ton of cash that can be used to keep certain personnel here. I like this move. I love Prince but I love this move even more!

  3. Sad to see prince go but he wasn’t performing to the contract we gave him. Kinsler is a stud second baseman that could even hit leadoff. Plus now we can resign max and Jackson. … I like it

  4. Does anyone remember Kinsler did play some 1st base with Texas..not sure if thats where he will end up..who knows

  5. I like fielder but I think this is a good move we need a good leadoff hitter with good speed and good base running skills fielder gave us 2 good ywars even if some of these tiger fan dont think so over 40 homer runs and over 200 rbi you can’t ask for anything better unless it involves cabrera

  6. That is why I like the trade. Would rather have Mad Max. Next Porcello and maybe even Jackson. I know I am going to get a lot of flack for that one. Try and get Ellsbury for Center and put Jackson in left. If it does not work trade his sorry butt out of Detroit too.

  7. James 2010 and 2011 were damn near just as good of years….not to mention this allows us to have more miggy in the end anyhow….

  8. Prince gone does not mean we can sign max. He has said he wants to be a free agent. The yankees just paid 75 mil to talk to some JApanese pitcher, let alone sign him. Itz a good trade but foolish to think max will get locked up

  9. Peralta is the odd man out. He does not like to play third,. He stinks in left. Where could he play? DH him and put Martinez at first and keep Miggy at third?

  10. Dean’s not smart…..max wants to be a tiger and stay a tiger no more prince gives us that oppurtunity as well as for miggy after next year……love prince but never shows up for the playoffs

  11. i think what shocks me more then anything is that it was basically a straight up deal , you would figure with the tigers farm system being ranked 29th in the league that they would try to get some prospects as well

  12. We need to keep max…that’s a one, two punch with Verlander. With Prince gone that frees up a lot of money. I would love for Peralta to stay. And we need a stronger closer than Beniot. I’d like Jackson to stay but not as a lead off batter

  13. Kinsler’s versatility gives dombrowski the versatility to make a rediculous move. Robbie Cano hitting 3 or 4 in the tigers lineup this year… It could happen. Y not? He went after fielder.

  14. I don’t know how I feel about this, Prince is a class act and Miggy loved the guy but we needed money and a second baseman, also Iwould rather have Scherzer and Miggy for awhile longer than Fielder, now I just hope that he doesn’t go off next year with Texas and beats us deep in playoffs. I think now with money we NEED Ellsbury. He would be a great fit in our outfield and are we gonna move Miguel Cabrera to first or Nick Castellanos??

  15. Orioles would never trade manny for porcello lol. Yes miggy back to first to help keep him healthy with Castellanos or Peralta at 3rd because he dosent look ready yet. Sign Jacoby and Nathan! If we can afford it.

  16. Bad for the fact he pumped us up and is a power hitter. Although great for the money and his playing is just getting worse.

  17. If they don’t win this time the new manager will be one and done. Come in and start making these big changes… I hope he has a big plan!

  18. Alli Michelle, I doubt very highly that ausmus had anything to do with this. This is all on dombrowski

  19. Great! Ian Kinsler is an awesome player. Fielder Probably also needed this trade, Just saying….. 🙂

  20. If all we really get out of this is Max for more than one more year it’s a win… Pitching wins championships.

  21. If Castellanos (or a free agent) can hold down 3B and move Miggs to 1st. Holy crap, our infield Defense will vastly improve. Top that off with the addition of speed, which I feel we were definitely lacking in base running, and that will make up for some of the power hits we lose with Prince. Kinsler can easily get doubles and triples in Comerica and he steals! TIGERS FANS WINNING TODAY!

  22. I would like to see Granderson back in Detroit as the every day left fielder, and a fraction of the cost though.

  23. lol I’m loving all the prince fans that think this is such a dumb deal. go follow him to Texas if you love him so much, now we keep max, our third base prospect we tried to turn left fielder actually plays third, and we had a glove better than infante at 2nd (who analysts said was going to be overpriced anyway)

  24. Dombrowski is gonna be commissioner no doubt. I still think we go out and offer Nelson Cruz to A). Fill in Fielder’s batting spot and B). Give us a really solid LF

  25. Tigers will have to pay majority of princes salary still more then likely. But great trade. Gives them a second baseman. Moves miggy back to 1st. Kinsler can also hit lead of if needed.

  26. Kinsler’s a lousy fielder and his power and average continues to sink and the Tigers will be paying $20.25 million per year for his services, $16 mill in salary + $30 mill to Texas divided by 7 (time left on Fielder’s contract.

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