Tigers skipper Ron Gardenhire responds to Reds SP Trevor Bauer’s rain delay Twitter rant

In case you missed it, Cincinnati Reds SP Trevor Bauer was not happy at all on Saturday after the Reds game against the Detroit Tigers was delayed by rain just 8 minutes before the scheduled first pitch.

Bauer, who was scheduled to start for Reds, immediately took to Twitter to bash Major League Baseball for the decision to delay the game after the starting pitchers had already warmed up. Though if Bauer understood how things work, he would have bashed the Tigers because the home team is responsible for delays before the start of a game, while the umpires have the power once the game begins.

To read Bauer’s tweets, click the link below.

Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer takes to Twitter, bashes MLB over decision at Comerica Park

On Sunday, prior to the doubleheader against the Reds, Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire responded to Bauer’s tweets saying it was all about unpredictable weather.

“That’s all it was. You can’t control the weather,” he said. “We can try to anticipate what’s going to happen…We talked about starting the game in a light rain, but it just got heavy. You can’t do anything about it.”

“I know there’s frustrations on both sides, but what are you going to do?” Gardenhire said. “The rain is the rain and it rained.”

Ironically, the Tigers took to Twitter 8 minutes prior to Sunday’s Game 1 to announce it was being delayed by rain. The decision must have been made well in advance though because Bauer sent out a complimentary tweet this time around.