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Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta Could Face 50 Game Ban

DETROIT, Michigan —

Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta is one of about 20 Major League Baseball players that could face suspensions for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs.

DSN told you about this story last summer, when Peralta’s name was listed as one of the players who had been associated with Miami-based “Biogenesis of America”, founded by Tony Bosch. MLB filed a lawsuit at the time, but with evidence mounting against him and pressure building from MLB, Bosch has agreed to come clean and spill details of what he was giving out, and to whom.

Other top profile names on the list include Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Fernando Martinez, and Bartolo Colon.

Baseball is going to seek 100 game bans on players (the penalty for a second offense) such as A-Rod, and Braun. They see them having a connection to Bosch as 1 offense, and denying such activity as another separate offense.

Bosch is going to begin meeting with MLB officials this week and suspensions could come within two weeks. Many players are expected to appeal the suspension, especially if they’re being suspended for 100 games.

If all the players on the list are suspended, it would be the largest scandal in American professional sports history.

Peralta, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, is hitting .332 with 6 HR and 26 RBI in 51 games for the Detroit Tigers this season.

There are plenty more details that will come from this breaking story. Stay with DSN for the latest.


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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if more are doing the PEDs “Lance Armstrong style”. Look how many years he went undetected….what was it, some 500 tests he passed while doing them? It can’t be any different in all the other pro-sports.

  2. I flat out said and will continue to say he is innocent until proven otherwise. To not discuss this is to ignore what could potentially be the biggest scandal in pro sports. We will continue to cover all aspects of this story until the truth comes out and the chips fall where they may.

  3. Mark and Ryan make good points…and Caleb sit Ryan Braun and see how that affects the pocket book… It’s a business 1st and foremost. The reason this all is even happening is because everyone wants the money flood to continue, why stop it unless fans stop attending games?

  4. I wouldn’t suspend the suspected players, however in all fairness and respect for the MLB which has been dealing with this problem for years I would not allow my player to play until the charges against him are cleared up. It makes the club and rest of the team look better.

  5. I know that they may have evidence, but what if some of these players went to the clinic and purchased the PEDs, but decided it wasn’t a good idea to take them and just left it at that? They may have proof they purchased them, but how does MLB know they actually took them?

  6. MLB and the PA agreed to the terms of testing and suspensions in the CBA. As far as I see it a positive test is required to suspend a player even if this guy has all the goods on them. The union would have to appeal all suspensions less they be charged with failure to represent. I got a feeling nobody will get suspended out of this.

  7. If Peralta gets suspended, he will forever be linked with the other cheaters. That is something he will have to live with. Personally, I would have no problem with MLB enacting a 1 and done policy. But, that is not likely to happen.

  8. If Peralta did use PED’s, just an FYI…Most PED’s aren’t used to become body builder strong and hit bombs…they’re used to repair muscles and injuries quicker and to prevent muscle injuries…

  9. All of you who are saying “there’s no evidence” are nuts. They have a guy about to testify in court that he gave these players PEDs. They’re going to get emails, texts, phone calls as proof of this. So the whole “he never tested positive” argument will almost be pointless.

  10. if i was jhonny i’d start a self-imposed punishment tomorrow for 50 games to get a jump on things and be back by august, BUT i’m crazy logical like that.

  11. Remember the Black Sox? I know it was a different kind of cheating, but those men were banned from the league ~ todays players are fined, because it is all about $$$$$$$$

  12. I understand but why not a permanent ban for these guys? U gamble and you get banned why is using performance enhancing drugs ok? What are we teaching our kids?

  13. I don’t think these guys will get suspended… Unless MLB can justify it financially. Are we sure Bonds never missed 100 games in his greatest yrs cause he brought tens of thousands of ppl to home and visitor ballparks?
    Also this is like punishing the 1 kid who got caught bullying, when the majority of the class is guilty… Doesn’t make sense.

  14. Get your heads out of your asses. You think that MLB is going thru with this w/o evidence? Come on sheeple! Barry Bonds never failed a test and he has a big * next to his name. Just saying!

  15. Alright, MLB better enforce these suspensions fairly. Test all the players and suspend all the ones who test positive. Don’t look at this Bosch guy’s records and suspend players based on that. He can forge anything he wants to get out of a lawsuit with the mlb.

  16. So Tony Bosch is going to come clean? Uh, by whose standards and with what independent corraboration? Is he suddenly transforming into a standup guy? Who is going take his word for anything?
    Did he tell any of his ‘clients’ what he was injecting them with? More importantly; can he prove it?

  17. they can’t suspend anyone without proof and by that I mean actually test positive for PEDs. people need to relax and stop trying to blow this story up.

  18. Nope…..not until there’s actual proof & not just some person trying to save their own ass for supplying all those players! Again-innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work in this country anyway. (Doesn’t always-just ask George Zimmerman…) I’ve always liked Peralta, & he’s having a great season! I’m just gonna enjoy him until this all works itself out-one way or the other.

  19. Innocent until proven guilty..he’s also getting older and had a terrible year last year, had to do something to get back on track…Having a helluva year this year, if he gets suspended then so be it,it’s his last year of his contract anyways…if he doesn’t get suspended then hopefully he keeps hitting throughout the year.

  20. That Boesch guy that ran the Clinic there in Miami already said that Peralta was’nt using PEDs he was there for some other treatment i believe on his ailing shoulder.

  21. You would think they would learn just fire them all and ban them from baseball they kicked Pete Rose outa the MLB hall of fame and he wasnt this bad he didnt need drugs

  22. Nope, I try not to judge others… will wait and let this play out but hoping that J P wasn’t involved to the point he will get suspended.

  23. Why use drugs? Just play the damn game and be good at it the way you are. These people set such bad examples for kids who love the sport. A 50 game suspension is minor compared to what he should get, which is fired.

  24. As long as what they’re doing is legal I don’t think any sports should make PEDs against their rules. These are professional competitors, they will do whatever they think they need to do to get an edge. The average person would probably use performance enhancers if they could get an edge in their profession. If a player wants to be clean and compete, then so be it…if they are willing to risk their health for an edge, as long as it is legal, then so be it. Just my opinion…that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee, I know

  25. Lance Armstrong never tested positive either, most of the testing programs in professional sports are a joke, and they are always playing catch up to those using PEDs. Should they all be afforded due process, yes, but simply saying they never tested positive isn’t enough.

  26. I’m not concerned about them, but I agree Noel. If they’re going to take this seriously, and expect baseball fans to, they’ve got to get serious themselves. Cherry picking the occasional player on the word of a felon isn’t enforcement and it isn’t taking it seriously.

  27. What he is doing on his own time impacts the game that my kid plays. If you have to do this to succeed in the game then my son is heading down a terribly dangerous path by aspiring to play at a high level.

  28. I hope it’s not true. But, if it is I wouldn’t be surprised. Nothing is sacred anymore and every sport that is being played now, one has to wonder if the players or individual is on something.

  29. I KNEW something was fishy when Peralta came to Detroit hitting .250 and then 2 of the last 3 years he’s been at .300 or above. Come on, Jhonny. We don’t want you back if you’re not going to play with your natural, God-given talents.

  30. If MLB wants to eliminate PED’s with comprehensive and constant random tests throughout the year, fine. But they don’t. Instead they pick and choose, and in this case are offering amnesty to a drug dealer to rat out his clients. Sounds like a legit witness to me. And hey you’re entitled to your opinion, but whether it’s amphetamines in the old days, to laser corrective surgeries, cadaver grafts, supplements, testosterone injections, MLB and the other sports are just cherry picking which innovations they prefer and demonizing others at random.

  31. This is happening too much! What difference does it make? Everyone that plays some kind of sport has opportunity to use whatever this stuff is! It is still that person playing! If they were to strike out all the time would they be questioning?

  32. I believe the CBA says a player must test positive in order to get suspended. If Peralta hasn’t tested positive then he can’t get suspended.

  33. The owner of the clinic who directly supplied the drugs and in the case of Arod actually injected him is now cooperating with MLB (may have more papers to back this). There will definitely be suspensions from this!

  34. Half? Really? Nook Logan, Rondell White, Fernado Vina (injured almost his whole time here), and Gary Sheffield who didn’t play here until 2006. Not even close! Pudge wasn’t in the report either.

  35. its funny how people talk about valverde when he is doing bad, but when he was saving all those games last year and doing good, everyone was praising him, i guess the same people who praise you is the same people that will condemn you…… glad cabrera is not on that list also….im a tiger and dodger fan……peace out , cortez ft bragg nc

  36. I just because he didn’t test positive dosnt mean he didn’t do it….I really do hope the MLB comes down on this hard. I’m getting sick of these guys getting away with this.

  37. They can’t use guilt by association. That’s a load of crap. Unless any of these guys test positive, I hope they have good lawyers to fire back.

  38. I am very worried about it.i hope this will clear up soon n people stop talking about it.its because a player can hit really good doesn’t mean his using.who’s next they are going to acuse?Miggy Cabrera??

  39. There’s no way he’s involved like a lot ppl saying its a he said she say deal and he’s never been mentioned before I’m pretty sure he will get off and this will all pass him by and tigers

  40. The sad thing is it’s just a sport. All you’re doing is hitting a baseball. Ball players back in the day never needed to do anything like this. They were the best in the league.

  41. He never tested positive, this seems all on the testimony of one guy. Hardly enough to convict in a criminal court. I imagine if this comes to pass there will be plenty of appeals/law suits.

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