Tigers Top 5 Defensive Plays of 2014

#1 – Ezequiel Carrera Makes an Amazing Diving Catch

So far today, I have done some pretty easy things. Including brushing my teeth, tying my shoes, and walking down 13 stairs.  That being said, choosing this catch by Ezequiel Carrera (as the #1 Tigers defensive play of 2014) was by far the easiest thing I have done all day.  Not only was it a spectacular catch, but it came with the bases loaded in a 0-0 game.  Unfortunately the Tigers ended up losing 2-1 to the Yankees, but the catch by Carrera is one that will not soon be forgotten.  Great reaction by Derek Jeter too.


I hope you enjoyed watching the top 5 Tigers defensive plays of 2014.  2015 is going is going to give us enough defensive plays to expand this list to 10 next year, mark my words!