Tigers Trade Avisail Garcia to White Sox; Acquire INF Jose Iglesias

DETROIT, Michigan–

The Detroit Tigers sent one of their top prospects packing on Tuesday night, as they traded OF Avisail Garcia to the Chicago White Sox as part of a 3-team trade. In return, the Tigers will receive infielder Jose Iglesias from the Boston Red Sox. The other part of the deal is perhaps the biggest, as Jake Peavy trades in his white “Sox” for red ones. To round out the trade, Tigers RP Brayan Villarreal is also heading to Boston.

Garcia was perhaps the number 2 prospect in the Tigers system, only behind Nick Castellanos. In return for Garcia, the Tigers get Jose Iglesias, who is quickly becoming a rising star in his own right. The 23-year old is hitting .330 in 62 games for the Red Sox this season, and has a career average of .280. He’s not known for his power, but his glove is all the rave.

The only reason why this deal got done is because of the looming suspension of current Tigers SS Jhonny Peralta. Peralta and others will reportedly accept their 50-game punishments as part of a plea deal with Major League Baseball for their roles in the Biogenesis Scandal. With the acquisition of Iglesias, the Tigers have found a solid player to fill the void when Peralta departs. Tigers Owner Mike Ilitch is in it to win this season, and he refused to let Jhonny Peralta’s selfishness stop the team from looking to capture their first World Series since 1984. Iglesias will help the team win now, as well as in the future.

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In short, Peralta cost Detroit a prized prospect. Jhonny is due to become a free-agent at the end of the season, and with Iglesias under team control until 2017, there is a real possibility Jhonny Peralta has played his last game as a member of the Detroit Tigers.

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54 thoughts on “Tigers Trade Avisail Garcia to White Sox; Acquire INF Jose Iglesias”

  1. Good move. Should take care of the SS position for now and the future. Almost certainly means that Peralta will be suspended.

  2. It’s not like they’re giving up John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander!!!! I like this move, one young stud for another young stud.

  3. Great trade cause we needed a short stop who could actually field. Once we get Omar back we are going to be looking good. These trades have all got us one step closer to the ultimate goal of winning a World Series! (Hope that Garcia doesn’t kick our ass in the years to come!)

  4. I’m sad about Garcia leaving bc I love him. And especially to Chicago. But this Iglesias guy looks like a stud and our infield is now set for years to come (2nd will be Perez or infante). We still have Castellanos who is our future OF stud

  5. If Peralta gets suspended we are covered. If he doesn’t we have depth. If he walks at seasons end we have a replacement #Tigers

  6. Jake, can’t say it’s the greatest trade either. Jose never had a hot bat in the minor leagues. He may have hit .409 during April/May/June in 132 at-bats, but since then he has hit .200 in 80 at-bats.
    He also has power equivalent to Santiago, with maybe a slightly better bat (.250/.260 potential?).
    His glove is nice, but would much rather have a bat with power in the lineup. Like Inge, he had a great glove but couldn’t hit!
    Not saying Jose will be a bad hitter, we will just have to wait and see.

  7. Great trade!! A .330 hitter for a guy that’s not even in the majors he can play while infante is out and if peralta get suspended then he can play short great trade

  8. Ok honestly we also have castellanos in the minors so we have no need for more outfield prospects

  9. If he can maintain the .280BA for a career, the Tigers have their SS for the next decade plus.

  10. Garcia is gonna be good, but Detroit has depth in outfield but needs middle infield help. So I’m ok with it.

  11. ^^^exactly!! With his defense we don’t need him to be an Allstar hitter. Guys remember Garcia only batted abt .240 this year in the majors

  12. I agree but this was needed. Peralta is gone after this year and we have people in the lineup that can pick up the slack If he does. You need to have solid defense too. It might not be a great deal, but it will help us. Right now Jose is more major league ready. Garcia could become another maybin. Jose could also be a bust. But they are saying that he is the best defensive shortstop since Ozzie Smith. But you win some you lose some.

  13. no ryan…he wont pan out i gaurentee. he isnt speedy, isnt great defensively, and has “potential for hitting…….potential is just that..he has 2 hrs and is batting .240 while in majors this year…which is BETTER than last yr

  14. I will also add he had amazing range. I can deal with a .250/260 hitter. I have to say Garcia did have a lot if tools but we still have nick!

  15. These comments are great. Ton of complaining about trading Garcia. But you go to the Red Sox page and most of their fans are furious they traded Iglesias..one of their top prospects, gold glove guy. Iglesias is what the Tigers need now and for the future. Garcia is years away. Im glad DD is running the show and not most of you fans..pissed because we traded a Miggy “look a like”.

  16. I like the trade, it had to be done. But you put it right DSN, Peralta just cost us a top prospect. His glove looks great, and hopefully he can keep hitting for average, now power is no big deal either…..

  17. AS much as I like Garcia this is a good move we need the D in the infield and Iglasias is a solid bat

  18. Can this guy play 2nd? We need a second baseman is Infante is gonna continue to be out of the lineup and assuming Jhonny stays.

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