Cade Cunningham’s last-minute ROY push

Guess who's 3rd in clutch points with Trae and Joker? It's Cade

Jerami Grant
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Matt Bassin: Cade just motoring along first among rookies and points. Second in assists, fourth and rebound second and steals since the all-star break, 21.6 and a half boards of seven assists, basically. And the big thing that I loved that I saw about him is that while playing for the pistons, he is a plus 5.9, almost a plus six.

When he's not playing they are at a minus 11. That's how important Cade Cunningham is to the Detroit pistons already?

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Ryan Griffin: Yeah. Cade has. He was the most important. And even before Jeremy Grant went down and he's been the most important rookie, by far in the NBA this year. And he leads all rookies and usage he leads them in like double teams and double teams, perfect purpose session and everything else.

And he's really tasked with more than any other rookie has been in the NBA. And, he's. He's handled it well, since the all-star break he's put up just some crazy numbers, he's got some like real. Impressive totals as well. The per-game numbers, obviously, what if you're just looking at totals over a thousand points, 330 rebounds, just about 330 assists is the only guy ever with those amount of totals through 59 gains since LeBron Michael Jordan magic Johnson, Luca Alvin Adams, and Oscar Robertson.

Cade Cunningham has joined that list, which has already. It is impressive in and of itself. He's got two triple-doubles this year, all other pistons rookies combined have to in the all-time great history of the Detroit business. He just figures add to it. You have Jeremy Grant out now.

Cade is going to have to do a lot more because even though he already had a high usage number, Jeremy Grant was also getting a lot of usage. Jeremy Grant was getting a lot of shots up. He was giving you, 19, basically 20 points a game. So everything that Jeremy Grant had to do some of it will fall in Siddique bay.

I'm sure. They'll let livers get a couple more shots up a game, and see what they have there, but all of setting up with those guys or shots is going to fall on Cade Cunningham and he's going to be half. He's going to have to look for his own shot more and be a guy who can show now, can you put up 28 every night from here to the rest of the season?

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And that's what I'm interested to see. I think he can do it. Everything that is done so far, he's passed every test that you can possibly, have had from at that point, if you're giving them a pop quiz, he's asked them all.

Matt Bassin: Here's a quiz for you. Top three in the MBA in clutch points?

We got Trae, we got joker and the third person ain't Kevin. It's not LeBron James is not Kyrie Irving. It's not Embiid. It's not Harden. It's not Steph it's Cade Cunningham. A rookie is third in clutch points behind Trae young and Nikola Jokić.

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