Titus Young, Arrested….Again

Another day, another felony charge for Titus Young, who seems to get arrested every time you change your underwear, assuming most of you take hygiene fairly serious. This time the troubled former Detroit Lions wide receiver has been arrested on another felony charge – battery with serious bodily injury – and is in custody in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, with bail set at $105,000, according to an L.A. district attorney’s office spokesperson and the L.A. sheriff’s department’s website. Young also received charges on four counts of battery of school, park or hospital property, however those are misdemeanors.

Titus was arrested July 9, 2014, just one day before he was scheduled to make a pretrial hearing appearance in Newport Beach, Calif., where he is facing four felonies and seven other criminal charges.  In May of 2013 Young was charged with felony burglary and assault, for a combined 11 total charges, that’s more charges than some backup receivers get catches in the NFL!

His father, Richard Young acknowledged in the past that Titus suffered from mental disorders that required treatment, although his family members and lawyers have declined to comment on what treatments he is receiving. Although I can safely say, they are not working.

Titus showed so much potential his rookie year catching 48 passes for 607 yards and six touchdowns, however it has been a downward spiral for him ever since he was released by the Lions for behavior issues. This is the point where you have to be concerned about the man’s life, if he is willing to seek  proper care, it’s still not to late to get back on the right path.

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  1. You can take a man out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of a man.
    (And no, that has absolutely nothing to do with race, so don’t even try)

  2. Why is shown in a lions jersey? Pathetic p.o.s screwed us in a few games. Doesn’t deserve to be seen in any football uniform…. Looks like he likes the orange uniforms tho lol

  3. The NFL need to kick him outta the League. They get paid way to much anyway and they are suppose to be a role model for other kids to work hard and all that kind of stuff… And we as fans should tell the NFL to do so!

  4. I love the sympathetic comments. The man has mental issues. Real people would want to see him be helped. People calling him a POS or D-bag are owning them names.

  5. Hopefully some good will come out of all his transgressions. If he truly has mental health issues, he needs help. This does not excuse his actions, he must face the consequences of them.

  6. Why are they showing this CLOWN,why waste newspaper on this dummie,all that talent and money GONE!!! Why not use that paper to showcase a local detroit artist or business??

  7. dis man is jus lyk any other if he wasnt in the nfl wudnt nobody kno who da hell he is so b for u talk shyt always remember u aint shyt to b able to talk shyt he fked up we all have sum jus need more help den others

  8. he was kicked out of the nfl the nfl reached out to him and he and his family are refusing any help..what a shame he’ll kill someone or be killed

  9. I really feel for this young man I hope that one day he gets the help he needs. Unfortunately jail maybe the beat place for him.

  10. Sad situation but he is no longer a Lion. Hope he gets the help he needs but not our issue anymore so lets move on already.

  11. If u want to be successful in the NFL, I can’t do that in jail or even prison. U NEED TH USE YOUR HEAD.

  12. That makes no sense whatsoever. If he has mental health issues then he’s not able to understand the consequences of his actions so how could he face the consequences of those actions in a truly just system?

  13. This young man has to have someone,with strong guidance in his corner, with a big dose of spiritual presents.

  14. he obviously needs Mental care and some structure in his life, it’s tragic sure, but “piling on” doesn’t diminish the fact he is a human being and a Mothers son who needs to get help.

  15. I have a philosophy that says, “It is not death we should fear, but a life poorly lived. And nothing can be worse than squandering this wonderful gift of life from our Creator.”

  16. At first you wanted to mock him and blame him for screwing the team over but this is just sad. I hope he gets help and can dig himself out of this some day.

  17. He obviously has problems, unlike that Hernandez punk who thought he was above the law and committed murder.

  18. This dude needs some serious help. Get him medicated and/or locked up. He is a train wreck.

  19. I have to agree with Matthew….give me a break….I have mental problems and depression and I get medication under a Doctors care….but I still know RIGHT from WRONG! I also don’t have his fortune and fame and neither do a lot of people in the whole world who struggle with mental issues and things like that! That doesn’t give you a free ticket to commit ANY CRIMES! Just remember OJ Simpson…..he got away with cold blooded MURDER and he still goes and gets himself in prison where finally he gets his just dues for killing two people! What’s his excuse……mental issues? I think these people’s money and fame go to their heads and they actually feel that they are above the law…..

  20. Don’t understand guys w/ their talent, throwing their opportunity away. The odds of being a pro athlete arent good. Stupid.

  21. Ok he has both parents growing up right? got money to get help so get Help! Only running you going to do in jail is from the Booty Hunter!!

  22. dumb monkey is getting what he deserves cant stay out of trouble or know right from wrong, f**k the loser

  23. you are a complete waste of air fool…..the guy knows right from wrong stfu!!!…its like his 3rd or 4th arrest….make excuses is ridiculous

  24. Brian Simpkins you’re the loser spewing racists comments over the Internet. You’re the waste of air

  25. Tired of hearing ‘this poor soul’ Titus.. he’s a bum that had the World !! Drafted by an NFL team.. the Detroit Lions..to play opposite Calvin Johnson…what more does any kid in America dream about more then hitting the the big time , having that one in a million chance to play in professional sports… but never make it !! .. He’s a punk and has shown this in High School and College as well … Have no pity for this man

  26. I met Titus before the last game he played for the Lions, and he was THE friendliest, smilie at guy ever! I feel so bad that he’s having these issues…

  27. He needs to be very very careful. Here in LA, three felony strikes and it’s life in prison.

  28. You can take the boy out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the boy. Disgraceful

  29. Very sad to hear this again, keep the man in your prayers, he needs help. Praying for Titus Young. Once a Lion always a Lion.

  30. Sad, the kid was talented and had the potential for a really good NFL career. If he could get his act together he could still make a living playing football somewhere like the CFL or AFL. Shame….

  31. The young man has some serious mental and emotional problems and I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

  32. Wasn’t this the same guy who said that he’d make us all “forget about Barry Sanders”? Well, I guess in a way he’s accomplishing that; (irony can be very ironic sometimes).

  33. God bless him? Seriously? The man isn’t troubled, he’s stupid. He made it to the NFL, every boy growing up dreams of playing in the NFL at some point of thier lives. And instead of growing up, he acted out. Sounds to me like he got what he deserved. Its called being held accountable for your actions. Don’t feel bad for this loser.

  34. I may be late in this conversation but when the lions drafted Titus Young, did they know about his mental disorder? You would think that a professional football team wouldn’t know that they are drafting somebody with a mental disorder. Not that it cant be controlled but he seems to be unwilling to help himself

  35. Colts cut Brazill for off the field problems. So the Lions should do the same with this guy.

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