New Details Emerge on Titus Young from Police Report

New details have been released on the incident surrounding Titus Young. Apparently, the former Detroit Lions wide receiver got the felony battery charges after striking his former lawyer, Brian Hurwitz. Titus allegedly struck his then lawyer in the face several times, after Hurwitz told him that he was not going to be released from the medical treatment facility in which he was being held. Nobody really knows what is going on inside Young’s head; apparently not even Young himself. One thing is for certain, Hurwitz and company made the right decision in making Titus Young stay under medical supervision for a little while longer.



The report states that Young, 24, and his family were meeting with Hurwitz, 34, at an address that corresponds with Martin Luther King Jr. Harbor Hospital in L.A. Young became angry and attacked Hurwitz when Hurwitz told him he was not being released from the medical facility.


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There is no doubt in my mind that Titus Young needs medical attention. I sincerely hope that he gets the help he needs soon, so that we can stop hearing about his latest debacles. I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure am sick of reading headlines about the “former Detroit Lion”. I wish him the best in his endeavors, but he has got to get himself under control.