Tom Brady gives hilarious pro-Michigan response to question about Justin Fields [Video]

It is very hard to believe that in all of the seasons Tom Brady has been playing in the NFL, he has never started a game against a former Ohio State quarterback. That will end on Sunday as Brady and his Buccaneers’ teammates take on former Buckeyes QB Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears.

On Thursday, Brady was asked about the fact that this is the first time he will play against a former OSU QB in the NFL and he had a hilarious pro-Michigan response.

“I’m not gonna say anything too inflammatory about Ohio State,” Brady said. “I’ll have my time when we play Ohio State. This is Michigan State week, so those are the guys that I can kinda go after. That’s interesting. Why is there not a lot of Ohio State quarterbacks in the pros? Lot of Michigan guys over here. Not a lot of Ohio State guys.”

Check it out.

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