Tony Snell: “Being wanted” by Pistons is what matters

The Detroit Pistons pulled off an pre-NBA Draft day trade, sending little used forward Jon Leuer to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Tony Snell and the 30th overall draft selection.

For Snell, this isn't his first go-around with switching teams, but now he knows what to expect, and is ready to contribute in any way he's asked.

“I’ve been through this before,” Snell said. “I know what it takes to try to build. It’s not a first rodeo. From the Bulls to Milwaukee – that was my first rodeo. Now I know it’s a business. I know what I have to do, what it takes to get here.”

For a player, knowing that a team wants them and values what they can bring to the table goes a long way. Snell is embracing the fact that the Pistons saw value in him, and will take whatever role he's given.

“Whatever they need me to do, I’m willing to do,” Snell said. “I’ll compromise for anything. Whatever is needed to get the job done. I’m not looking for them to draw up plays for me. Whatever the feel is, I’m open to it.”

“Just the fact that I’m wanted – that’s what it’s all about,” Snell continued. “All I can do is what I do – work hard and try to perfect my skills and just go from there.”

At 6-7 and 215 lbs, Snell averaged 6.0 points in 74 games last season with the Bucks while shooting 40 percent from 3-point range (81-of-204). In 442 career games with Chicago and Milwaukee, Snell has averaged 6.2 points and 2.4 rebounds while shooting 38 percent from 3-point range.