Top 10 unexpected heroes in Super Bowl history

[tps_header] When thinking about the history of the Super Bowl, one can’t reminisce without thinking of names like Montana, Elway, Rice and now even Brady. But the big game has also been where lesser known players have had the biggest impact.

With Super Bowl week upon us, here is my list of the top 10 unexpected heroes in Super Bowl history.



[tps_title]10. Max McGee, Split End, Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl I[/tps_title]

McGee, a 34-year old veteran, had only caught four passes during the entire 1966 season for the Packers and was not even expected to play in the game that would end up being Super Bowl I.

After breaking curfew the night before the game, Green Bay Head Coach Vince Lombardi was going to sit McGee. However, a shoulder injury to starting split end Boyd Dowler forced McGee into action. Soon after, McGee reeled in a Bart Starr 37-yard scoring strike for the first touchdown in Super Bowl history.

McGee gave the Kansas City Chiefs defense fits, hauling in seven passes for 138 yards and two touchdowns. An MVP-worthy performance but Starr would bring home MVP honors that day.


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