Top 15 college football programs this century

[tps_title]2. LSU Tigers[/tps_title]


May the SEC reign supreme. The 2000s have been defined by the play of the conference down south.

Each and every year, the SEC West is a round-robin of football programs all getting at each other’s throats. One of the schools that rises above this chaos however is the LSU Tigers.

Two national titles, three national title game appearances, six top ten finishes, and participating in the century’s best rivalry to date add to the Tigers leap-frogging the Buckeyes.

LSU has undergone a bit of a dampening period in the same vein as Texas and USC, but the Tigers destructive power from 2005-11 should not be underestimated. While ‘The Game’ from 2006 was the best rivalry game, the Tigers’ bouts with the Alabama Crimson Tide had both regional and national impacts. In their last 17 head-to-head matchups with ‘Bama, nine of them were decided by single digits and four needed overtime.

Despite four seasons where the Tigers didn’t finish in the top 25, a lot has to be said for a school that can come to blows with Alabama every year and come out on the other side not in shambles. This rivalry defined an entire era of college football and each participant needs their spot on the top of the college football world both as programs but as peers to each other.

This leads to the obvious 1 program… the one… the only…

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