Top 15 college football programs this century

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[tps_title]11. Michigan State Spartans[/tps_title]

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Sure to bring controversy solely on those who wish to undersell what this school has done; Michigan State is No. 11 in my rankings.

The improvements that have been made in the Spartans program cannot be understated. Despite being in the Big Ten since the 1940s, Michigan State had always felt like a program that was one step away from getting it right. Year after year they showed flashes of promise but ultimately sputtered in the “same old Spartans” fashion.

In 2007, the fortunes of the Spartans changed with, what looks like one of the smartest hires in recent historywith each passing year, the hiring of Mark Dantonio.

Since his hire, the Spartans have reached nine straight bowl games and have dominated their rivalry with the University of Michigan. Dantonio’s squad have also been the only program to really challenge Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes as well.

Wins against Ohio State, Oregon, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin have placed the Spartan program in the consistent category that they eluded for so many years. Bowl victories over TCU, Stanford, Baylor, and Georgia also stake the claim of this ranking for MSU as well.

A drubbing in the CFP by Alabama, five straight bowl losses to start Dantonio’s tenure, and the beginning portion of the century dock the Spartans lower than their recent success would warrant.

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