Top 15 college football programs this century

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[tps_title]9. Oklahoma Sooners[/tps_title]

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The list now starts to turn to the few blessed schools that have won national titles in the BCS/CFP era. Oklahoma is at the bottom of the NC winners because of their underperforming overall as a program.

Consistently year in and year out the Sooners were ranked in the top five in pre-season polls with all of the talents that they received. The Sooners have only finished in the top three 3 times since 2000 and that is simply unacceptable for a team with such hype.

The impressive parts of Oklahoma ironically have seemed to lie when the Sooners have no national title expectations. 2014 and 2015 are great examples of this and also amplify the relevance of the Sooners. What the Sooners need to do in order to rise above the schools ahead of them is to bring back the power they held in 2000, 2003, and 2004.

Performance in these marquee games has gone a long way in adding to the Sooners being ninth instead of top four.

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