Top 3 potential name changes for the Detroit Lions

With the Washington NFL franchise officially dropping the Redskins nickname, and other professional franchises reportedly considering making changes of their own (Cleveland Indians already did), there have been some people who have asked, what would be a good new nickname for the Detroit Lions?

First of all, let's be clear about one thing. The Detroit Lions, despite a history of losing, will NEVER change their nickname, so please do not take this piece like that.

Instead, we are simply giving three fun options for you to choose from, just to have some fun.

That being said, the top 3 nicknames changes for the Detroit Lions that we came up with at DSN are the following.

Detroit Diesel 

Detroit Muscle

Detroit Drive

As you can see, all three of our ideas are directly related to what Detroit is famous for, the auto industry, with the third option, obviously coming from Detroit's former Arena Football League team.

Nation, if the Detroit Lions (in some alternate universe) were ever forced to change their team name, which of these options would you choose? Or, do you have something better in mind?


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