Top 5 football movie speeches of all-time

When the magic of film and football combine, the result often gives some of the most inspirational speeches in movies. Every sports fan has that movie speech that they can quote word for word. These moments are meant to inspire and give us inspiration in our own lives.

Note: Video content may contain adult language. Slide and videos may contain spoilers.

Honorable Mention. The Replacements: “Pain Heels”

Character: Shane Falco

Actor: Keanu Reeves

These guys still have to worry about a delay of game even in movies, right? The fictional professional football franchise Washington Sentinels are facing a strike from their players. The team has to find replacement players to finish the season. The team's leader is fill in QB Shane Falco. In this scene, Falco gives his team a motivational boost by reminding them that the struggle before them is temporary but glory lasts forever.

Little Giants: “One Time”

Character: Danny O'Shea

Actor: Rick Moranis

This speech is fun and light hearted compared to others on this list. Coach Danny O'Shea and his team have to go up against the Cowboys. A ‘David vs. Goliath' story based around little league football with far too serious coaches. Coach O'Shea reminds his team that even though they will lose almost every time there is always that one time where they will win. O' Shea's speech inspires them to believe that one time is now.

Rudy: “Quitting”

Character: Fortune

Actor: Charles S. Dutton

When Rudy learns he will not make the dress list for Notre Dame, he wants to quit. There has been a time in everyone's life when something goes wrong and we are left wondering, “Whats the point?” Rudy faces this moment and is reminded by Fortune, Notre Dame Stadium's janitor, that quitting never should be an option. He reminds Rudy that the only person he has to prove anything to in life is himself.

Any Given Sunday: “Inches”

Character: Coach Tony D'Amato

Actor: Al Pacino

Coach D'Amato has to inspire his beat down team to continue to battle in a very important game. His powerful and gritty speech is a reminder that the game, and even life, is a battle of inches. They are everywhere for the taking and if enough of them are not gained, the team will come up short. His speech motivates the team to give everything they have in the teams final game of the season.

Remember the Titans: “Come Together”

Character: Coach Boone

Actor: Denzel Washington

This famous scene from Remember the Titans is a reminder of what hate and prejudice did to a country, this same hate and prejudice were holding the Titans down as a team. Coach Boone brings his team to Gettysburg and reminds them of who fought and died on the field they were standing on. Urging his team that if they too do not find a way to unite, they will fail.

Friday Night Lights: “Perfect”

Character: Coach Gaines

Actor: Billy Bob Thornton

Coach Gaines and his team have been through a season filled with ups and downs. He has dealt with injuries, the risk of being fired, and issues with his player's personal lives. Despite these challenges, the team manages to slide into the playoffs and make a run to the championship where they would have to play a superior team from Dallas. In a powerful halftime speech, coach Gaines reminds his team that perfection is more than just having more points on the scoreboard.