Top 5 most hilarious Pavel Datsyuk off-ice moments [Videos]

We all know that Pavel Datsyuk could do incredible and creative things when he stepped onto the ice on any given night but what people don't know about him is how funny he can be off the ice. Here are five examples of Datsyuk's hilarity in front of a camera.

#5 – Pavel's Awards Speeches

In 2008, Datsyuk won the Selke and Lady Byng awards which meant that he had to get up and talk in front of everyone twice. This made for some pretty decent one-liners.


#4 – The Microphones are not Ice Cream

Datsyuk is weary about how close the mics are getting to his face.


#3 – Promoting his Bobblehead

The Red Wings posted this video on their Instagram of Datsyuk doing his best bobblehead impression.


#2 – Pavel Asks for Zetterberg's Help

Datsyuk and Zetterberg do a joint interview after a playoff game in 2008. Watch Datsyuk ask Zetterberg to pay attention in case he needs help with words and then throughout the interview Zetterberg gives Datsyuk's answers nods of approval.


#1 – “I Feel Good”

Datsyuk's cell phone goes off in an interview, and his ringtone was quite unexpected. He had a good time with it.


– Derek Carnevale