Top 5 quotes from Episode 1 of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’

    The first episode of HBO's ‘Hard Knocks' Training Camp with the Detroit Lions is officially a wrap and for those of you who tuned in, you were likely satisfied, just as we were.

    Yes, Aidan Hutchinson crushed it with his performance of Michael Jackson's ‘Billie Jean' but what really made Episode 1 stand out was some of the amazing quotes.

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    As you will see below, in my Top 5 quotes from Episode 1 of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks', the list is dominated by head coach Dan Campbell and running back, Jamaal Williams.

    Top 5 quotes from Episode 1 of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks'

    Without further ado, here are what I believe are the Top 5 quotes from Episode 1 of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’.

    5 – “I swear to god, I’m not a lunatic.” – Dan Campbell

    After watching Episode 1, I am not sure I believe this quote but I am all in with MCDC!

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    4 – “Man, when it comes to the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, it’s just a freight train coming your way.”- Dan Campbell (from Metallica)

    Of course, Dan Campbell had to channel his inner Metallica while talking to his team.

    3 – “We’re running through your body like diarrhea. Drip, drip, A.G.” – Jamaal Williams

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    Jamaal Williams has likely used this one during games in the past.

    2 – “If you gonna piss like a puppy, stay on the porch, and let the big dogs (bleeping) eat.” – Jamaal Williams

    Williams had one of the best (and most emotional) speeches we have ever heard on ‘Hard Knocks.'

    1 – “We'll play on grass, we'll play on turf, we'll go to a (bleeping) landfill. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if you have one ass cheek and three toes. I will beat your ass.” – Dan Campbell


    Nation, if you happened to tune in for Episode 1 of ‘Hard Knocks' with the Detroit Lions, what are your favorite quotes? Do any from a player or coach other than Dan Campbell or Jamaal Williams make your cut?


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