Top Horse Racing Events You Can Bet Today

Horse racing events happen all-year-round, and there are still plenty of racing games you should expect. Each horse racing events occur in every corner of the world and brings a lot of leisure to every sports fan. The betting game continues to grow as the odds are more valued due to the number of bets gathered by every entry. 

You may have known about the most notable horse racing events such as the U.S. Triple Crown Series. Take note that it is only one of the significant races you can take part in betting. There are still many horse racing events you can surely bet and join. They may come in smaller games, but they also generate a huge amount of prizes. 

The last quarter of this year features more horse racing events you can surely bet. Each racing field is also open for you to visit and see an action-packed show of thoroughbred racers. It happens in different parts of the United States, where these racing events showcase the best racers who want to earn an excellent racing form in their career. 

In this article, we’d like to feature some of the top races you can ultimately bet. It is open to all bettors who will gladly witness an incredible saddling competition of each mighty colts and fillies. Make sure that you fix your bets and secure your bank account before you head on to this racing fields as the action becomes exciting as each odds are setting the best values. 

Evangeline Downs 

The Evangeline Downs is a racing field built surrounded by most expensive casinos. It is located in Louisiana specifically in St. Landry Parish. Boyd Gaming operates the said racing field that features around a one-mile track in oval form. It is also one of the racino places in the United States that features some of the richest horse racing games.

The Evangeline Downs is featuring another horse race betting events in the coming weeks. It showcases two types of horse racing events both American Quarter Horse and Flat Thoroughbred Racing. The most legendary horse racing event you can expect in the coming days is the Lafayette Futurity which will happen in Evangeline Downs that features hopefuls from most significant horse racing events.

Remington Park 

Remington Park will open another horse racing events in the coming days. It is located in Oklahoma City which also features some of the world’s richest horse racing events. It also hosts the annual Oklahoma Stakes were winners in this racing events continues to seek their victory in big races like U.S. Triple Crown showdown. 

You should not miss going to Remington Park as it holds daily racing events you can bet. The betting games you can join produces large prizes.  All Thursdays and Fridays also come as the busiest days for Remington Park because you can join the live pool gaming. Make sure you will not miss in joining and waging each horse racing event. 

Charles Town 

Charles Town Races and Hollywood Casino is situated in West Virginia. The said racino is operated and owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties that features some of the sought-after horse racing events. It is a racino place you should not miss visiting as you can expect several horse racing betting games in the coming days. Here are some top horse racing games happening now in Charles Town. 

Sprint Festival 

It is one of the most celebrated horse racing events happening now in Charles Town. It initially takes place in 2008 where the event holds around $500,000 purse prize. Each filly and colt compete in their corresponding division with varying running distances.

The Sprint Festival also holds different prizes depending on the race type. It also features Red Legend Stakes and West Virginia Sprint that gives out a massive amount of bets. You will surely get excited when you gamble for the Sprint Festival happening in Charles Town now. 

West Virginia Breeder’s Classics 

The West Virginia Breeder’s Classics is another horse racing event happening now in Charles Town. It features a lot of horse entries which you can wage right away. It also offers a huge amount of prizes, and you will not get disappointed as the value of each entry comes high. The purse prize each horse racer may win can reach around $1,000,000. 


Charles Town Classic

It is one of the graded stakes you can bet in Charles Town racino now. It features some of the best-thoroughbred racers which compete in ⅛ mile running distance that carries a large number of prizes.  The Charles Town Classic is also considered as one of the richest horse racing events in Oklahoma. Don’t forget to take part in betting this horse racing event in the coming days as you have the biggest opportunity to grow your bankroll. 


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