Tracy Walker has message for Detroit Lions fans

During the first quarter of the Detroit Lions‘ 28-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings back in late September, S Tracy Walker suffered an injury that ended up knocking him out of the game. Following the game, Lions' head coach Dan Campbell told reporters that it could be an Achilles injury. “We’ll know more in the morning,” Campbell said. “It doesn’t look real good, but, obviously, it’s the ankle area, possibly it could be the Achilles.” The next day, it was reported that Walker had indeed suffered an Achilles injury that would keep him out for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Tracy Walker Detroit Lions

What message does Tracy Walker have for Detroit Lions fans?

During the Lions' recent win over the Minnesota Vikings, Walker took to Twitter to share his thoughts on how his team was playing.

“I love the way my team is playing.. We dangerous,” Walker tweeted.

Walker followed that up by saying the Lions are going to be “scary” when he gets back.

Then, Walker told Lions' fans that he is ahead of schedule when it comes to his recovery.

“Also for my people who want to know how my recovery going.. I’m ahead of schedule on when I come back from my injury so stay tuned.!”

Following that tweet, plenty of fans jumped to the conclusion that Walker could be hinting at a return this season, but unless a miracle happens, or his injury was not as severe as what has been reported.

In general, full recovery from an Achilles tear takes between 6-12 months. This means that Walker MAY be ready to come back in time for Training Camp next season.

That being said, we certainly wish him the best.

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