Tracy Walker says he turned down bigger offer to remain with Lions

When it comes to professional athletes, more often than not when they hit free agency, they go to whichever team offers them the most money. According to Detroit Lions S Tracy Walker, that was not the case for him.

On Wednesday, prior to practice, Walker spoke to reporters and he confirmed that he signed with the Lions for less money than he could have gotten elsewhere.

Tracy Walker says he turned down bigger offer to remain with Lions

Tracy Walker made it clear that it is about more than money for him.

“I definitely had more teams, I had more money (offered), but at the end of the day, I know the situation might not have been the best for me,” Walker said. “This was my best situation with everything that I was dealing with. … When I came back and I made that decision, I knew I was coming back home.”

Lions’ head coach said that Walker has been a “man on a mission.”

“I mean, he’s been a man on a mission,” Campbell said, adding veteran edge rusher Charles Harris into the conversation as well. “It’s one of the reasons we wanted to re-sign those (players). And so yeah, I’ve told them, ‘This is your defense. This is — you’ve got to to take the — man, this is my defense, man, this is what I’m about.’”

Walker is embracing his role as a leader on the Lions defense.

“That’s been me since I’ve been here. I just haven’t been thrusted in that role because I’ve had older guys and vets in front of me, but now that Dan has given me that opportunity, I still take on that role and run with it,” Walker said. “But I’ve always been a leader since I’ve been here for my rookie year, you know? So with that being said, being a leader, to me, that comes easy.”

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