Trade Rumors Circulate around Detroit Lions

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The latest rumors surrounding the Detroit Lions preseason is that they are shopping around for a few extra hands at defensive back. The Lions made a few roster moves of late, but they did not pick up a defensive back. They picked up two tight ends, Michael Egnew and Emil Igwenagu.

Unless the Lions keep four tight ends on their active roster, this roster move makes little sense for the Lions going forward. The bright side of Egnew is still unknown, and Igwenagu is known for being a blocker. One intriguing possibility is that Igwenagu could line up in the backfield as a run blocking full back. He is expected to take the field against Buffalo on Thursday evening, so we will have to wait and see.

Rumors have started to circulate about the Lions calling around to other league offices for help in the defensive back position. One office, the Cleveland Browns, seems interested in trading Detroit for some defensive line help, and that is a position the Lions do have good depth at.

The prospect of a trade remains unlikely at this point in the preseason, but it definitely could happen. The Lions have a few trade tools that would mean little to Detroit to give up. Darryl Tapp, George Johnson, Kellen Moore, George Winn and Mikel LeShoure are all listed at number 3 or below on the Lions’ depth chart. However, all of these guys could help out a struggling roster.

The Lions are not known for making bold trades, but this is one trade situation the coaching staff would be pressed to make happen. Detroit still has a lot of work to do in their secondary, but they are a lot better off at defensive back already than they were last season. Cassius Vaughn and James Ihedigbo have been great additions to the Lions’ secondary, but the general consensus is that it is nowhere near enough to stop the passing attack of Green Bay and Chicago.

The Lions defensive backs have played fairly well this preseason. The one drive that could be in question, as far as the Detroit defense is concerned, is the drive put together by Jacksonville rookie, Blake Bortles. If the Lions do trade for an extra pair of helping hands at defensive back, then it will be interesting to see who fails to make the cut.

3 thoughts on “Trade Rumors Circulate around Detroit Lions”

  1. I misread the trade thing,,I agree we are not known for our trading, can’t remember any significant trades as of late…Do any of You??
    It might be refreshing if we did trade once in a while..shake things up a bit??

  2. Hmm, defensive line an area of depth for the Lions… Sure, because after Fairley and Suh leave next season, we’ll still be so deep. That must be why most lions writers keep writing about our defensive line being in flux. Maybe song writers/childrens book writers should stick to doing what they know.

  3. It would be refreshing to see Mayhew find a way to trade away a player or two for a draft pick.. If they could move a RB,WR,DE or DT for a conditional pick they would walk away satisfied… I don’t think secondary help will come cheap enough to help, they have what they have…

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