More Trade Rumors: Kings Interested in Jonas Jerebko

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The NBA Trade Deadline is fast approaching, so expect a flurry of rumors regarding many players and teams, including your Detroit Pistons. The latest of these rumors suggest the Sacramento Kings may be interested in the longest tenured Piston on the roster: Jonas Jerebko.

According to The Sporting News, the Kings have become very active after hiring George Karl as their new head coach. The primary goal for the Kings has been to acquire a stretch power forward and the two targets seem to be Detroit’s Jonas Jerebko and Milwaukee’s Erson Illyasova. expert writer Keith Langlois had projected that Jerebko would be the only feesable target for any trades at the deadline on Detroit’s roster. Stan Van Gundy has stated very clearly that Greg Monroe will not be traded, virtually closing any speculation on a move involving Detroit’s starting power forward. It would seem that the only feesable player to move would be Jerebko, as Van Gundy has also expressed his desire to keep as many draft picks as possible and maintain the core of the team as they grow under his system.

Detroit Bad Boys laid out what the return for Jonas Jerebko may hypothetically be:

The proposed return from such a trade would most likely be one of Derrick Williams or Jason Thompson, who had already been offered to thePistons for Josh Smith earlier in the season.

Reports have suggested the Kings may be looking to move former Michigan shooting guard Nik Stauskas but thus far, there has been no connection between Stauskas and the Pistons.

Stay tuned.