Trinity Benson does not seem too happy with Jared Goff

Just when you thought everything was perfect and everybody was getting along in Allen Park, Detroit Lions wide receiver Trinity Benson spoke to the media.

On Wednesday, Benson was asked about his participation in the offseason workout with Lions' quarterback Jared Goff and his reply was very interesting.

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“That invite didn't come,” Benson told reporters.

Trinity Benson appears to have a chip on his shoulder

Just prior to the start of the 2021 regular season, the Lions traded the Denver Broncos for Benson and he admits coming in so late in the game was challenging.

“Definitely challenging,” Benson told reporters at minicamp. “Just coming from Denver and all of that. Just being with them during the preseason. Learning that offense and then coming here and basically week one trying to learn that offense. Basically just kind of getting thrown off the deep end. … Just learning the terminology. Pretty much everybody in the NFL — it's a copycat league. Everyone runs the same thing. They just call it something different.”

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Benson told reporters that when the 2021 season ended, he went straight to the source with is head coach Dan Campbell.

“I went to him (Campbell) at the end of the year because I just wanted to go directly to the source.”

Benson added that he knows he can play at the NFL level and that he is getting the reps he needs to make that happen.

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“I definitely know I can play at this level,” Benson said. “It was just last year, I just was really just out there thinking. So, the mind was just tying up the feet. Now that I'm learning the offense, I'm getting those reps that I really needed last year. I'm getting them this year. So now I'm just playing freely and making the plays.”

Nation, do you think Trinity Benson will earn a role in the Lions offense this coming season?

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  1. Jared Goff will prove he is a more Intelligent QB then Mathew Stafford. He will have players around him that are ready & able to make him into one of the most talented QB in the NFL. I believe Lions Gen. Mgr. Brad Holmes has the best knowledge of talent I have ever seen, and he believes in Jared Goff and will surround him with the right players & the whole world will see that the Trade he made to bring Goff to Detroit plus all the other players we get in future NFL drafts will become the most superior Trade ever made in the history of the NFL

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