Twitter’s most hated NBA players in each state are….predictable

They may be the best of the best at their craft, but that doesn't mean that everyone likes them.

And of course, the better they are on the court and the more outspoken they are off the court, the more polarizing they are with the public.

According to compiled geotagged Twitter data tracked by, the most hated player in the NBA is none other than Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving and James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets aren't far behind.

The six most consistently named players include:

Lebron James – 24 states
Kyrie Irving – 18 states
James Harden – 3 states
Kevin Durant – 3 states
Russell Westbrook – 1 state
Paul George – 1 state

LeBron James, NBA , Kyrie Irving

Of course, James is arguably the most polarizing figure in basketball today thanks to his on-court antics, as well as his controversial outspokenness.


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