Two Big Trades Detroit Tigers Fans Need to Watch For This Deadline

As frustration mounts, the Detroit Tigers will likely be sellers at the trade deadline. Here are two moves they could consider.

The Detroit Tigers, after showing early promise, have slipped back into familiar territory as they prepare for the MLB trade deadline. On May 1, the Tigers boasted an 18-13 record, their best start since 2016. However, the team has struggled significantly since then, winning only five of their next 19 games. Currently, they find themselves 11.5 games behind in the highly competitive AL Central. This position sets the stage for what could be their eighth consecutive losing season.

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Strategic Moves Ahead for the Detroit Tigers

With the season’s challenges mounting, the Tigers are likely to embrace a “seller” mentality as the trade deadline approaches. To inject fresh talent and long-term potential into the franchise, here are two hypothetical trades the Tigers should consider, based on suggestions by Liam Hanley of Clutch Points.

Detroit Tigers Trade RHP Jack Flaherty to Baltimore Orioles

Jack Flaherty, who joined the Tigers on a one-year, $14 million deal after a tough 2023 second half with the Orioles, has been a standout in 2024. Flaherty has impressed with a 3.01 ERA and 11.6 strikeouts per nine innings. His expected ERA of 2.67 places him in the 92nd percentile among MLB pitchers, and his whiff rate and strikeout rate are both in the 95th percentile.

Given Flaherty’s performance and the Tigers’ struggles, he is a prime candidate for a trade. The Baltimore Orioles, currently dealing with injuries in their starting rotation, could benefit greatly from Flaherty’s addition. Pairing him with Corbin Burnes could significantly bolster their pitching staff as they contend with the New York Yankees.

In return, the Detroit Tigers could acquire promising talents like pitcher Seth Johnson and shortstop Frederick Bencosme, ranked as the Orioles’ No. 10 and No. 27 prospects, respectively.

Detroit Tigers Trade OF Mark Canha to San Francisco Giants

Mark Canha, another veteran on a one-year contract, has been a steady offensive presence for the Tigers. Leading the team with a .346 on-base percentage and second in RBIs with 29, Canha offers both experience and consistency.

The San Francisco Giants, struggling with outfield injuries to key players like Jung Hoo Lee and Austin Slater, could benefit from Canha’s reliability. Adding Canha could provide the Giants with the depth and offensive boost needed to stay competitive in the NL Wild Card race and challenge the injury-plagued Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West.

In exchange for Canha, the Tigers could look to acquire outfielder Jonah Cox, currently ranked No. 27 in the Giants’ prospect pool.

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Looking Toward the Future

As the Detroit Tigers navigate the remainder of the season, these trades represent opportunities to acquire promising prospects and lay the groundwork for a more competitive future. While the 2024 season may be another chapter in their rebuilding phase, strategic moves at the trade deadline could help accelerate their journey back to contention.

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