Tyrell Crosby blasts Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions for not caring about players

Former Detroit Lions offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby is trying to expose Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes, and the entire franchise.

Just when you thought everything was all sunshine and roses with Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions, former Lions offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby has blasted Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes, and the rest of the organization for not caring about the players.

Just prior to the start of the 2021 season, the Lions shocked everyone when they announced they had cut Crosby with an injury designation, despite the fact that Crosby had been a key part of the offensive line the previous season.

During a recent interview with Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Crosby opened up about what allegedly happened to him and how poorly the Detroit Lions treat their players. He noted that Campbell and others in the organization held him missing voluntary OTAs against him heading into training camp last season.

Tyrell Crosby blasts Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions for not caring about players

Tyrell Crosby told Birkett that he would not want to play for the Detroit Lions again because of how they treat their players.

“It really sucks for me just cause you’ve been around that fan base,” Crosby told the Free Press this week. “They are so passionate, just every year the Lions are going to win the Super Bowl. I love that fan base so much, and that’s what kind of sucks about it and just now having a lot of people kind of tweet at me, ‘Hey, wish you were back,’ and things like that. And I’m just like, ‘If only you guys knew,’ cause I wouldn’t want to play for that organization just knowing what I know now and just how poorly they treat their players. That’s what kind of sucks, just because I’ve met so many wonderful people online who are Lions fans who have just been so supportive.”

Crosby also called out former Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn for ‘chiding' him during minicamp and GM Brad Holmes for saying he is bad for the team.

At minicamp, Crosby said then-Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn chided him during drills about missing OTAs for being “afraid to compete.” He said Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes called him into the office last spring “pretty much saying how I’m bad for the team because I walk around like I don’t care about my teammates, the city of Detroit, the staff members when that’s everything of those are like the furthest from the truth.”

Crosby said the Lions treat their players like a “genuine piece of meat.”

“In all honesty, it made me just put in reflective of like why the team has been the way it’s been,” he said. “They truly just don’t care about the players, and it’s so disheartening to say that because those first three years, I truly loved every moment of it. And just have been so, for me, incredibly grateful for that opportunity.

“But then you go through something like, even though I wasn’t a star player, I was always in that building smiling. I would go out of the way for anybody in that building, and then to realize, ‘Oh, they actually just treat you like a genuine piece of meat and they don’t — they act like they truly don’t care.’ It’s so disheartening, and I hear from like other guys around the league that it’s, most teams aren’t that way. And so you start to understand, ‘Oh, this is definitely something that starts from the top down.’ It sucks.”

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