Tyrell Crosby puts Detroit Lions on blast, claims they fired staffer for putting players’ health first

Former Detroit Lions offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby is unhappy about how the Miami Dolphins handled Tua Tagovailoa‘s injury situation last Sunday. While discussing it, he took the opportunity to put the Lions on blast for firing one of their staffers for putting the players’ health first.

On Thursday, Tagovailoa suffered a very scary-looking head/neck injury that forced him to be removed from the Dolphins game against the Cincinnati Bengals and taken to a Level 1 trauma center in the area.

How did Tyrell Crosby put the Detroit Lions on blast?

Following Tagovailoa’s injury on Thursday night, Tyrell Crosby took to Twitter, not only to explain that injuries like Tua’s could have been prevented but to call out the Detroit Lions for firing a staffer because he tried to put the players’ health first.

As you can see in Crosby’s first set of tweets, he specifically mentioned that the Lions fired Dave Granito, who was their head athletic trainer, after Granito tried to do what was best for the player, rather than what was best for the team.

“Freak accidents happen when playing football,” Crosby Tweeted. “However injuries like last night are so easily preventable. Yet team medical staffs/ managements are rarely held accountable for their negligence…”
“Teams will happily do just enough to say they tried and cover themselves legally. Rather than actually take care of the player. Then if the medical staff does try to put the players health first, they will just fire them. I.E. Dave Granito.”

According to now former Detroit Lions reporter Kory Woods, “There was a rift between Campbell and Granito, which led to him being relieved of his duties, per source.”

“That transpired,” Campbell said. “And really it’s just … felt like this was the way we needed to go. I don’t really want to get into details of it. I can tell you this, our guys were getting proper treatment — it was nothing like that. It felt like we needed to go another way. Communication, some of those other things, and so we did make that move.”

Via Justin Rogers – Detroit News | [email protected] | Twitter: @Justin_Rogers

Crosby then went into further detail about his situation

Crosby, who claims he was wronged by the Lions for how they handled his spine injury, then proceeded to go into further detail about what he had to go through.

Check it out.

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