LOOK: Oddsmaker still giving Michigan a shot to reach the College Football Playoff

Well, this is quite a surprise.

According to Bovada, the Michigan Wolverines’ odds to reach the College Football Playoff currently sit at 10-1. Kevin McGuire of NBC Sports published these latest playoff odds from Bovada.

Michigan currently sits at 8-2 (5-2 Big Ten), and they are yet to beat a team with a winning record. I think it goes without being said; those odds seem insanely high.

First of all, Michigan is currently ranked just 24th in the latest rankings. That was also their first appearance in the rankings, period.

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Secondly, the Wolverines would have to win the Big Ten for this even to be remotely possible. And in case you haven’t heard, that’s going to require a ton of things going the Wolverines way, including a Penn State loss to Nebraska or Maryland, combined with a Michigan State loss to either Maryland or Rutgers. Plus Michigan would have to beat Wisconsin on the road, beat Ohio State, and then beat Wisconsin again.

The Wolverines play Wisconsin this Saturday (Noon ET on FOX), site of ESPN’s College GameDay.

That alone seems like an extremely long shot. But then you have to add in the fact that this still wouldn’t guarantee the Wolverines anything. There is no guarantee the committee would even put in a two-loss Big Ten champion, especially one who lost to Penn State 42-13.

Don’t tell Bovada that, though.

If you’re still hoping for a national championship for the Wolverines this season, I guess there might be some hope after all. Just don’t get your hopes too high, fair warning.