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Back in October, Trey Burke had some choice words about the time he spent at Michigan, specifically regarding the food that was served to him. In fact, Burke referred to the breakfast served at Michigan to “jail food.”

Burke now plays for the Washington Wizards and following a recent matchup against the Detroit Pistons, Burke clarified his previous comments about the food.


“It was a poor choice of words,” Burke told the Free Press on Saturday before Washington’s 113-112 loss to the Pistons. “I wasn’t saying it was the worst food in the world, and I’m sure it’s much better now. For me personally, though, I just didn’t like it.”

 Burke apologized to anyone he offended.

“I’m grateful to have played at Michigan, under a great coach, in front of great fans,” he said. “I hope they can forgive me. I’ll always be a ‘Go Blue’ guy and a Michigan Man.”

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Source: Trey Burke softens criticism of his Michigan days