‘It’s a done deal’ – Harbaugh to Michigan


All that’s left is for the white smoke to rise from Ann Arbor, and the official presser to happen.

As we reported earlier – sources within the 49ers organization were expecting this move, and it seems Harbaugh has secured a deal for his assistants to come with him. It is believed that his assistants will get 3.5-4 mil worked into the deal.

I am sure we will know more once the official presser happens, which by all accounts, could happen as early as Monday, but more than likely it will happen Tuesday.

Even Mgoblog is all over this.

I’ve heard word that there’s a large event on Tuesday night that the catering staff has been asked to keep secret—something that they’ve never been asked about before.

A son of a current coach is telling co-workers that it’s happening and his dad is being retained.

1201 South State Street is getting mail addressed like this from NFL compounds:


I checked the tracking number; it’s legit.