UH OH! Ole Miss AD writes letter that appears to accuse Jim Harbaugh of tampering

College football coaches, particularly Jim Harbaugh, seem to be having a field day at the expense of Ole Miss’s latest sanctions. Today it was reported that up to seven current Ole Miss players had interest in transferring to Michigan. Harbaugh pulled out all of his usual aggressive recruiting tactics when he learned Ole Miss players were looking to escape their situation. Including his flashy toy.

At first glance, all seemed to be going beautifully for Harbaugh and Michigan as all signs pointed to Michigan stealing Ole Miss’s star quarterback Shea Patterson, along with a few others.

However, to nobody’s surprise, Ole Miss is trying everything to prevent this, and in a letter to their fan base today, Ole Miss’s Director of Athletics Ross Bjork attempted to comfort his fan base and calm their biggest fears.

The most important line in this letter could spell trouble for Harbaugh. “we will use every avenue to hold those accountable who tamper with our student-athletes.” I’m no detective but it seems that Harbaugh could find himself at the center of this.

Headlines like these are what one would assume the Ole Miss AD is talking about. However, you would assume that Harbaugh got the clear from his sources before blindly flying his plane down to Oxford. Harbaugh has done some ridiculous stunts while on the recruiting trail and has successfully avoided any violations. So when it comes to recruiting Harbaugh typically knows his ways around the rules.

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If Harbaugh were to come out of this clean, while snagging some of the best disgruntled Ole Miss players, he will look brilliant. On the other hand, it would be quite ironic were he to walk into some violations while trying to take advantage of Ole Miss’s sanctions.

Harbaugh is not in the business of making friends, which is why it appears he didn’t hesitate when Ole Miss players appeared to be begging to leave Oxford. This letter could simply be written in frustration. Ole Miss’s AD is understandably frustrated that recruiting guru Jim Harbaugh has been so open about trying to lure his star quarterback and others to Michigan.