LOOK: Michigan releases comical roster before first game


Jim Harbaugh is known for being difficult with releasing rosters and depth charts. Harbaugh definitely buys into the idea that secrecy can help you succeed. Any information you have, that your opponent doesn’t have, can be used to your advantage.

Today Harbaugh released a roster, problem is, none of the players on the roster currently play for the University of Michigan.

There are two things that everyone on this fake roster has in common: 1) they are all former Wolverines, and 2) they are all currently playing in the NFL.

The fake roster accomplishes a couple of things for the Wolverines, it creates some buzz around the program and brings attention to the upcoming game against the Gators. It is also an amusing recruiting tactic. Current recruits have got to be impressed by that long list of Michigan products that are playing in the NFL. Leave it to Harbaugh to turn a roster release into a hype creator and a recruiting tool.

Michigan will start the season this coming Saturday against the Flordia Gators, we will see how the Gators respond to this fake roster, and what happens between these two teams on the field Saturday. We can also look forward to the Wolverines (potentially) wearing some new alternative jerseys.