POLL: University of Michigan asks athletes:,Adidas or Nike?

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Woodson-NikeThings seem to be changing left and right at the University of Michigan, could the apparel the athletes wear be next?

The Michigan Athletic Department has given its student athletes a survey to complete with the hope of getting a feel for if they would rather continue to wear Adidas apparel or make the switch back to Nike.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the student athletes are in favor of switching back to Nike. There has also been talk about recruits being in favor of wearing Nike gear over Adidas.

Even if the switch is made, which seems like a real possibility, it would not be immediate as Michigan is under contract with Adidas until the end of the 2016-17 athletic year.

What do you think Nation? Should Michigan continue on with Adidas or should they make the switch back to Nike?

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(Image Via: Sole Food San Francisco)