UPDATED! Taylor Decker takes to Twitter with request for Detroit Lions fan who has his ball

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions predictably lost to the Los Angeles Rams at Ford Field in a game that was actually much closer than many thought it would be.

But was not predictable is what happened with just over three minutes left in the 3rd quarter.


That's when Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter opened up the playbook, allowing offensive tackle Taylor Decker to catch his first touchdown pass…ever.

Following the touchdown catch, which cut the Lions deficit to three, Decker threw the ball into the stands.

But now he wants his ball back!

On Sunday night, Decker hopped on Twitter and sent out a message with the hopes it will find it's way to the fan who caught the ball he tossed into the stands.

“To whoever caught/has the ball I threw into the stands. I’ve played football since first grade, and that was my first ever touchdown. I’d love to have that ball, and would be more than happy to hook you up if you’d be willing.”

So, if you are the fan who happened to catch the touchdown ball Decker threw into the stands, it may be worth your while to reach out to him ASAP.


According to a tweet Decker sent out this morning, it sounds like he has successfully found the fan who has his touchdown ball and it looks like he may soon have it back in his possession.

Nothing like a happy ending!


LOOK: Taylor Decker scores first career touchdown for Lions

This season has been one filled with ridicule for the Lions’ OC Jim Bob Cooter, but whatever he had at halftime in the locker room should be the new ritual! This drive saw the Lions offense attempt a double pass, and finish off the drive with a lineman reporting as eligible and slipping out in the flat for an 11-yard touchdown.

Probably the best part of the touchdown was the aftermath when Decker could be spotted on the sideline with the oxygen mask!

As you might have guessed, this is Taylor Decker’s first touchdown in the NFL.

To see the touchdown, please click on the link below.