Upgrade Alert! Detroit Lions’ next kicker just became available

In a surprising move, the Denver Broncos released their longstanding kicker, Brandon McManus, opening up an opportunity for the Detroit Lions to enhance their kicking game. McManus had been with the Broncos since 2014, displaying unwavering loyalty to the team. However, at the age of 31, McManus still has plenty of productive years ahead. Last season, he struggled field goal success rate of approximately 78 percent, and though his accuracy from long distances has declined slightly, he boasts an exceptional 43-for-45 record from 40-49 yards out over the past five seasons.

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Key Points

  • Brandon McManus, formerly with the Denver Broncos, has been released and is now a viable option for the Lions.
  • Despite being 31 years old, McManus possesses several fruitful years ahead in his career.
  • McManus achieved an impressive field goal success rate of nearly 78 percent in the previous season.
  • While his accuracy from long distances has slightly diminished, he maintains a remarkable record from 40-49 yards out.
  • The Lions currently have Michael Badgley and John Parker Romo competing for the kicker position.
  • McManus represents a seasoned option that could potentially elevate the Lions' kicking game.

Why it matters for the Detroit Lions

The Lions currently have Michael Badgley, who performed well in the previous season, and John Parker Romo, an intriguing rookie minicamp signing, vying for the kicker position. Nonetheless, McManus emerges as a seasoned option that could potentially offer an upgrade. Notable veteran kickers like Robbie Gould and Mason Crosby are also available in the market.

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Big Picture: Addressing Kicking Woes with McManus

In the broader context, the Lions have been grappling with concerns surrounding their kicking game. A reliable and consistent kicker is paramount for any team's success, and the Lions are no exception. With the unexpected availability of Brandon McManus, the Lions have a chance to rectify this issue and potentially elevate their overall performance. McManus brings experience, a proven track record, and the potential for improved accuracy in the controlled environment of indoor stadiums. By considering McManus as a viable option, the Lions can aim for excellence and strengthen their kicking game.

Bottom Line: Brad Holmes needs to make the call… IMMEDIATELY!!!

Folks, the Lions believe they are in a spot to win the NFC North and potentially make a run in the NFL Playoffs as early as this coming season. That being said, the NFL is all about finding ways to win close games, and it if comes down to field goal kicking, I just cannot trust Badgley or Romo to get the job done. Yes, McManus struggled in 2022, but over the last four seasons combined, he has been the league's fourth most accurate kicker on field goals under 54 yards. If I was Brad Holmes, I would pick up the phone and get a deal done.

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