Vegas Insider links large bets to Clete Blakeman officiated games

It’s easy to start making tin foil hats when rumors start flying on Twitter. Conspiracy theories abound over last night’s gut-wrenching loss, add in a dash or two of 60+ years of pent up anger and disappointment and we are ripe for an alien abduction!

Vegas Insider Incarcerated bob (@incarceratedbob on Twitter) started in early after the loss, but it didn’t take long to uncover a major bet that raises some eyebrows. You can check out PA Online Sports Betting  to find out when Sports betting will be legalized in Michigan, and find out more about how and where you can place your bets today.

And then came the bet, with a rumored tie to 3 other games in which Clete Blakeman‘s crew has officiated:

Bob never did reveal his “Insider” source, however many in the comments started to highlight other notable games Clete Blakeman had officiated:

From Kelly Stafford to Desmond Howard, everyone was saying it:

Now there may not be a grand conspiracy against the Lions – It might be that the Refs are just dirty ala Tim Donaghy, but where there is smoke there’s usually some fire. The NFL and the FBI should be looking into this if the trend is as apparent as it seems.

All that said, the Lions were able to cover the spread, some major bets were paid out as well, so maybe this is just a bunch of malarkey:

At least one fan thinks this is all a bunch of bologna, what do you think Nation? Should the Refs be looked at for possible corruption?