POLL: Vegas lists Tigers O/U At 84.5 – What do YOU think? Vote Now

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The Las Vegas oddsmakers have spoken and if they are correct the Detroit Tigers have their work cut out for them if they want to win a 5th consecutive American League Central title. According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, LVSuperbook has the over/under for Tigers wins set at 84.5, not exactly a “run away with the division” type of number. In fact, the oddsmakers don’t have them running away at all as the Cleveland Indians also have an over/under number of 84.5.

How many wins do you think the Tigers will finish with this season? Time to make your voice heard by placing your vote in the poll below.

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The Tigers and Indians both come in at three wins higher than the Chicago White Sox, who have an over/under of 81.5. Apparently going to the final game of the World Series does not get a team any love, as American League Champion Kansas City Royals have an over/under of 79.5. Rounding up the A.L. Central are the Minnesota Twins with an over/under of 71.5 wins for the season.

Other notable teams include the Washington Nationals, who have the highest over/under in the league set at 93 wins, and the Los Angeles Angles who have the highest over/under in the American League at 89.5 total victories.

Before people start complaining, let me explain something. The over/under is not a prediction of how many games a team will win, after all, how could a team win 84.5 games? The over/under is simply a number that the odds makers came up with hoping that 50% of the money will come in on the over and 50% will come in on the under. As an example, let’s say that money started coming in heavy on the Tigers over 84.5. If that scenario happened, the odds makers would quickly shift the number to 85 or 85.5, depending on exactly how much money was bet, hoping to get money on the under. The opposite shift would happen if a high percent of money starting coming in on the under.

Personally if I was a gambling man, which I may or may not be, I would take the over 84.5 wins for the Tigers, but barely. Things could change, injuries, etc., but I currently have them winning 85 games, enough for their 5th straight Central Division crown. What do you think? Make sure to place your vote and comment. Also, feel free to share this post so we can get a true sense of what Tigers Nation thinks about the upcoming season. Thanks!